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NovoFerm NovoPort


I have two garageport openers from NovoFerm called NovoPort.
I've bought those from a company that installs hundreds of those each year so I think it's a popular brand in Belgium.
Is there a way to use Homey to control those garage doors ?
Here is an example of the remote I use :




  • You first need to create an app for it.
    The used frequency is ok, but the modulation should also be the same. 
    After that you need information about the rolling code or any other security code  that probably is implemented for security in most door openers.
    (When it isn't implemented you don't want it to open your door!)

    When correctly implemented it could be possible to build an working app, but I haven't seen this kind with a rolling code yet working in an app on Homey.
  • Could it be done using a Fibaro Roller Shutter between the steering unit and the motor ?
  • Hi SoDaDeals,

    I recently fixed this by using a fibaro relais switch connected to the novoport.

    This gives you the opportunity to control the door, but you cannot see if it is open. The roller shutter handles it better, but i believe you should remove the Novoport controller then and the roller shutter to the motor instead.

    So what I did with the relais switch works:

    Connect the relais to the ports on the Novoport, there are a couple of them but you need the ones most on the right. Not the last one, this is connected to the antenna.

    In the future I will use some extra sensors to see if the door is open.
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