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productTypeId changed whilst adding.

gmax21gmax21 Member
edited May 2018 in Apps
Hey all.

I've created an app that works well with two Yale smart locks (Keyfree, Keyless) but I'm struggling with the third (Connexis L1) one. It just shows as an unknown Z-Wave device and doesn't do anything.

When I look at the settings I see the productTypeId is not what is set in the code:

It should be 26112 as you see in the code on the screenshot, but in the Homey interface, it's 102. Why does this change and how can I fix that?

I guess this is why it's added as an unknown Z-Wave device and won't work. Or maybe someone has other ideas?

Thanks for any help :)


  • gmax21gmax21 Member
    edited May 2018
    K, so I figured it out. I was first of all thinking it was changing the ID's somehow but of course, that is not how this works. I was using the generator here:

    And the page ID from:

    Which gave me the productTypeId of 26112, the converted hex. But for some reason, the Connexis I have has the different ID. Don't know why, I bought from Amazon but I guess with some research I'd find out.  :D

    Meh, it's sorted and I now have my 3 Connexis, 1 KeyFree and 1 Keyless locks working. Been testing and playing with them for about a week now. Woooohooo! Loving using Homekit too, so much better than the Yale app!

    I need to somehow figure out how to make the settings work. If I do that I'll see about releasing if some doesn't do it first :smiley:

  • @gmax21 good to hear you solved the issue...
    typically on the Athom community Slack channel, quite fast support is provided on development questions / issues...
  • Could you share the app? Ive wanted my conexis direct with homey for ages
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