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Fibaro dimmer 1

Hi all,
I have a fibaro dimmer 1 and I want to put it in my wall. I only have the brown (L) and black wire. I don’t want to put a switch there. Is this possible? Can I just use it without a switch and use the brown and black wires? I tried including it in Homey but it did not work. I would like to know if it was because it can not be done this way.



  • rickprickp Member
    edited March 2018
    Sounds like you have only 1 lead. This works for a regular switch. brown in switch, black out switch to light, light to blue. 

    You need to pull wires or place the fibaro next to the light. Leave the old switch on or make a permanent connection betwean brown and black. Use the black wire @ the light as Line input on the fibaro. and add a blue wire (wich you have from the light). Then make a black wire from the fibaro output to the light and put the blue wire from the light to the other blue wires.

    Downside is your light can only be controlled by the system. If you want too keep the manual switch you'll have to add wires.

    (*note, this is assuming you have the same wiring colours as we (Dutch) have!)

  • AaronAaron Member
    Hi @rickp
    I am Dutch to, so the colors should be the same.  :)
    Pulling a wire is not an option in this case (did that before). As a switch I will be using a Xiaomi wireless switch, they work perfectly and look really nice.
    I gues I will be placing it next to light then. The only thing is that two lamps are connected to the same switch, I will have to see how the wiring is.

    The wiring:
    So, I will put the brown wire in the L, the blue wire in the N and the black wire of the lamp in the O on the dimmer?

    Thanks for your help.
  • rickprickp Member
    Did you manage already?

  • According this pic u don't need to pull any wires to connect the dimmer with just the wires u have alr.
    U can just leave out the switch part.
  • AaronAaron Member
    Sorry for not coming back sooner. I did not see there were new posts and I did nog have the time to wire up things. 
    Today I had the time. It worked. 
    I used a fibaro dimmer I had laying around to replace the MiLight. The MiLights are still used as lamp bulbs but I use the dimmer to put them on and off. Sadly I cannot dim them this way.
    The MiLights on there own are working very well but with homey it is a disaster. Often they would not switch and I had to reboot homey (1 or 2 times a day). This was not workable anymore.

    Thanks for your help.
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