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Hands toghether

I would like to clap my hands for the athom team. As always everybody is getting ready for the product when dates are comunicated. Now that the ran into a software bug (so that can be fixed compaired to hardware issues!) there is a lot of negative response.

I'm also making part of being critical, with this post i would like to make a statement that we also respect all the effort that is being done for the last year and especially the last weeks.

Thanks, keep up the good work and celebrate the demand and be creative!


  • I agree. As much as I would love to hold my Homey, you can't ignore the fact that its a difficult process to manufacture a brand new product. As long as I get the feeling the Athom team is doing all they can to (responsibly) release the Homeys to the wild as soon as possible, they have my support. That said, it helps to maintain this feeling when issues are communicated clearly and timely.
  • Thumbs Up.
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
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    OK Homey, applause!

  • +2
  • Totally agree, thumbs up for the Athom team
  • Fully agree. Still hope they make it as long as I stay for a short trip in Europe. Afraid Homey would get lost shipping to Far East :) all the best homey team!!!
  • +1 clap your hands!
  • +1 in stamping the floor and busting the table  o:)
  • + a million !!!!
    Nice to have a separate topic, saves cleaning up other topics.. B)
  • +1 +1 +1 clapping my hands <3
  • Respect!
  • Kuddos to the Homey team!
    I hope this helps in getting more positive and getting energy out of it.
  • PeaoPeao Member
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    Thumbs up for Athom!!!

    I can understand both sides, the ones that are very patient and the ones that seem to become nervous.

    I backed for "Zano" an Drone on KS (2.300.000£) , and after a lot of delays they first started shipping to preorderers (because backer have no option for a refund), then the forum went offline and weeks after shipping the first drones they declared bankruptcy. If I haven't had such a nice CC-Company I would have lost my money.
    One official statement was, that all the requests and additional features of the backer and preorderers caused this.

    But I think here the situation is different:
    - Good communication (could be better though :wink: 
    - Good insight in the production process (maybe some videos could help a little more)
    - Quick response (in forum / mail / slack)
    - You're not rushing to deliver unfinished products just to earn / keep more money
    - Homey is not "overfounded"

    So as conclusion:
    @"Doubter": Keep in mind that this is an giant project for a startup. And if you see the dimension of the backer/preorder this project is absolutly feasible and difficulties like the bug in production and delays are "natural" in such an project . But I do understand your doubts, because I already have been in such a situation.

    @"Supporter"(I count myself to this category :smile: 
     ): As above, keep supporting this project with ideas, suggestions, critics and compliments! And @"Supporter with a Homey": Please post more videos to take pressure off Athom and help Homey to its success.

    @Athom: I can only repeat my first line: Thumbs up for Athom!!! I love the product, the idea and the "niche" that it fits in! I think thanks to it's universality it will establish your company in the smart-home-sector. But keep in mind, that the community is one of the most important things to make homey successful. So don't be afraid to update the community frequently (good and bad news) because this is very important at this stage of this project. You've seen what positive impact a picture of homeys in an storage room can have.

    I love this Project, I love Athom and I love this supportive community  <3

  • +10 for the positive vibe and supporting the Athom team. Keep up the good work!
  • +1.  :p :)
  • Good topic. It's mostly seems there are only complaints everywhere, but in reality I think the majority is eagerly and patiently awaiting (news about) their homey :) But that's not something to make a topic or post about ;)

    Keep the positive vibe going, and keep up the good work <3
  • +1 and don't forget to enjoy a good beer in between!  B) otherwise I will bring you a crate   ;)
  • :heart: to the community and :kissing_heart: to Athom :blush: 
  • BumblezBumblez Member
    edited January 2016
    RobValk said:
    Good topic. It's mostly seems there are only complaints everywhere, but in reality I think the majority is eagerly and patiently awaiting (news about) their homey.  But that's not something to make a topic or post about

    Keep the positive vibe going, and keep up the good work 
    I think most of those who pre-ordered are quietly waiting for their Homey. There's a small but vocal minority complaining on the forum, so when reading the big topics here, it can quickly feel that most people are unhappy. And I don't think that's the case at all.
    I applaud Athom for staying focused on delivering top quality, despite all the setbacks and delays, and despite that negativity and the push to deliver the Homey fast. Keep up the great work!
  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
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    @MarcoF That's a bit erhmm... gay? >:)
  •  @MarcoF That's a bit erhmm gay? >:)

    This topic is meant to share love? Or did I misunderstood  :/
  • hahaha :)
  • Exactly MaroF! Hugs for everyone and Athomers to keep up the spirit during the development of Homey!
    Can't imagine people getting homofobic about that, but if they do, they have to find a therapist themselves!  :-)

  • +1 for Homey. I'm looking forward to sharing all the fun i'm going to have with it.
  • 100% agree
  • Here's my positive share for today:

    and last but not least:

  • Hahaha you're really in the flow now ;)
  • Hahaha you're really in the flow now ;)
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