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Homey not responding and showing a strange light show

B3rtB3rt Member
edited March 2017 in Questions & Help
Homey stopped repsonding (for the second time in 4 days).

The app and website is un available/offline, it still pings but various between 12 and 400 ms.

The ring goes yellow and flashes several times very rapidly, then it starts to rotate very fast and then goes solid yellow and after a while it goes off (Homey is still unavailable and nothing works). (the ring only shows yellow light).

After about 30 seconds the whole sequense repeats itself.

When i finally disconnect the power (when light is off) and wait a few seconds (30) and plug it back in it immidiatly after i plug it back in the yellow ring start turning again within 3 seconds after i plu the power in.

What can this be and how to solve this and get Homey back online again?


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