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Dutch 'slimme meter'



  • That is the reason I made the aggregated insights app.
    For the measurements of today I use the insights of the smart meter, but for week and month views I use an aggregated insight per hour or per day.
    I wish the api allowed me to delete single log records, than I would make an app that replaces all log records of one hour with an average for that hour. Maybe only for logs that are more than 48 hours old, so you can still see full detail for today.
  • Rebtor said:
    I hooked  an USR-TCP232-E2 module to the P1 port of my smartmeter. On a pc i have a python script running that processes the data to a mysql database and from there i transfer it to homey. One day i want to let homey connect to the USR module without the MySQL step but for now it works for me..

    Do you have an electrical scheme?
    Can't find it with Google, I have an idea on how to do it.

    Mainly concerned about the inverting or the TTL to rs232 which @RamonBaas uses.

    A quick draft is okay, I can make it neat neat and upload it here.

    Getting my meter tomorrow so I want to prepare this :) 
  • DoubleUDoubleU Member
    edited March 2018
    I have a DSMR 4.2 meter, met een ESPeasy P1 plugin, already a few years in use with Domoticz, I'm unable to get it to work with this Homey app, 
    Homey FW 1.5.8
    DSM v0.0.8
    my esp P1 plugin is set to port 8088

    Any thoughts why the plugin won't find the meter?
    When I open the log of the ESPeasy i see there is a connection attempt
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