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Show mqtt temperature as device

I have a lot of things thats talk with mqtt to node red. 
No i want the values to be shown in Homey.
The first one is a temperature that is sent as a value by mqtt, but i dont find a way to show it as a temp in Homey.
Is there away at all ?


  • The problem was not the mqtt client, that I allready have. I needed a way to present it as a device.
    I found that Virtual Devices Beta has a temperature sensor device that i can use.
  • Thats how i use it, works really well 

    add the thermostat and use "measure_temperature" 

  • DoubleUDoubleU Member
    edited March 2018
    Hi, I tried this, but how do you get the MQTT message (Json-style) from e.g. a Sonoff basic Tasmota to the virtual sensor? I can see the data with an MQTT monitor
    I tried the following flow:
    if (MQTT client) topic trigger then (http parser) json path into (better logic) var to the (Virtual device) temperature field

    But the better logic variable and sensor remains empty, when i change the parser stuff for a mobile push message i get the sensor data in Json format on my phone, so the trigger trips
  • @DoubleU my Sonoff app will support temperature sensors (already started work on it).
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