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Fibaro Double Switch FGS-2x3

Have a few of Those that worked just fine in a Telldus network

Tried to get them to work with Homey without any luck

Start reset on Homey and toggle th B butten Three times but nothing happens

Tried to include the switch but the same outcome

Some one that has any helpfull information


  • danonedanone Member
    edited December 2017
    I guess that when you say “start reset on Homey” you mean exclude them?

    Few tips:
    1. Make sure that Homey is close enough to the units when exclude/include.
    2. First exclude, under settings—>Remove a Device and press 3 times B.
    3. If exclude does not work, then reset the device by holding down the B button while power It up. I think about 5 seconds is enough.
    This always does the trick.

    I have several of this units which initially were included on Home Centre 2 then when migrated to Homey, with some of them I faced similar issues like you do now mostly because they were not excluded from the HC2.

    If still does not work, repeat the steps after a power cycle or PTP as referred in this forum, don’t give up.
    If still no luck, then other members here with greater knowledge than me can help. (Some of them like beer a lot... but all helpful blokes)
  • Hi

    Thanks for the infomation

    Unfortunately it didn't work, have Three of those but no one is working

    Nothing happens when i try to remove the device and the same when i try to include it

    Any more tips

  • and you are close to homey when doing remove? 
  • the reset (hold down the button then apply power) always did the trick for me. Again, make sure you first hold down the button then apply power to the device.
  • Is it a bug that the S2/Q2 does not report current wattage? The cumulative kwa is shown but not the current usage...
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