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Sold out - When to expect delivery?

Hi all,

Sorry if this question has been asked multiple times, but I could only find old threads on the forum.
Currently, I'm having some customer projects where I plan to install Homey. Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out for more than a month now.
What's currently causing the delays in delivery and when can I expect a fresh batch of Homeys back in the stores?



  • JPeJPe Member
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  • Yesterday I asked it an Athom employee and he responded they still deliver the Homey's ordered ~ 3 weeks ago. But ordering today still means a ~ 3 weeks wait.

    I personally  also hope it will be next day soon.
  • Let's hope that sold out means that new hardware is on it's way :)
  • Hmm, I've ordered my second Homey on November the 23, little bit more than 3 weeks ...
  • abeggled said:
    Hmm, I've ordered my second Homey on November the 23, little bit more than 3 weeks ...
    Not what they told me, so ask @Bram on slack or the support email and let us know. I hope they  correct  it soon for you.

    Let's hope that sold out means that new hardware is on it's way :)
    Correct, what we heard the new wifi module is a little bit different but supported in the latest firmware!
  • BramBram Member, Athom
    Just before Christmas we send out an e-mail to all customers who have ordered Homey and did not receive it yet. Due to an unforeseen delay in the shipment of some parts needed for Homey it all took a bit longer than we expected.
    However, the first new batch of Homey's was completed today so we can start shipping again next week!

    Note: the first batch will be used to complete almost all of our back-orders. If you have ordered before Christmas this will not be an issue. If you have ordered after Christmas it can take an extra week.

    We are very sorry for the long delay and are hard at work to be back in stock as soon as possible!

    If you have any questions about your order you can always e-mail us at
  • Thank you Bram for elaborating on this!
    Hopefully we can expect them soon  :)
  • @Bram I did get a msg from my reseller today that it would not ship for another 3 weeks from you.
    Is it still problems with the parts?
  • Too bad. The MediaMarkt (in The Netherlands) has a 21% BTW discount in the next few days. Was hoping to get some more Homeys then.. :(
  • BramBram Member, Athom
    @deedje where did you order your Homey?
  • @Bram A reseller in Sweden, Örebro.

  • BramBram Member, Athom
    deedje said:
    @Bram A reseller in Sweden, Örebro.

    Due to high demand we cannot ship as much Homey to our resellers as planned, so we need to stretch it out a bit over multiple weeks to divide all the Homeys properly.
  • Is there an update about the delivery time? Still a few weeks further with hopefully good news!
  • Patience is a clean business...... (;
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