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Buying advice: Smart TV

It's time to invest in a new television set and of course I was wondering which brand Homey has the best support for.
What are your experiences with Philips, Samsung, LG and Sony with their respective Homey apps?


  • wait until the olympics and european championship soccer are over then the prices will drop alot
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited December 2017
    Just buy a tv and leave the smart for something else, for example nvidia shield with kodi/plex, works mostly better and better (software) support 

    I have a LG led and LG oled both working with homey but not using it a lot. Make more use of Kodi/Marantz app
  • Kind a agree with Lubbert, don’t look for smart functions. Most SOCs in a smart tv ain’t going to do the job.

    on the other hand, when you find a nice dumb non curved oled TV. Then let me know
  • Guys, please note that I am asking for Homey compatibility and not smart functions. I want to control the TV without IR for example. 
  • A have a Philips smart TV running on Android software. Lots of options like build-in Chromecast, DLNA for connection with my server, and offcourse many apps to install like Kodi, but its not supported by Homey yet. So I use my Harmony Hub for now to switsch my TV.

  • I have a sony TV with AndroidTV, homey supported 
    43XD8099 I think, i'm very happy with it both quality and OS
  • Maybe good to know for which manufacturers a remote app is available. I have a Panasonic for which a remote app is available. I agree with the other posts that I hardly ever use the smart functionality. The UI is too cumbersome. 
    You might want to look into DVB-T2 and other connectivity,  which is more important. 
  • mruitermruiter Member
    edited December 2017
    Only ones imhappy with are the Samsungs . Had most, but Samsungs work best for me
    Homey control on a smart tv never worked ok for me to  Many os upgrades on those tv’s .
    i just use ir works for me

    And the amazing NOS app on a plugged in chromecast . Massive

    As tv’s play a important part in our homey familiy you Will get al different advices because its a personal thing
  • Its indeed a personal thing. We have for instance a LG OLED tv. Because we only use it in combination with chromecast and such ( aka we don't use the smart features) the only thing Homey now is doing is turning it on or of. This works sometimes.. But I guess that is because LG changed the API for the tv's so they are not always reacting to commands when in standby or something like that.
  • Just pick the TV with the best screen for your budget... Connecting to Homey will not be fully satisfying I think. That is not because of Homey, but because of the lack of good API's built into most of these TV's.

    I have an (LG) OLED, which, in my opinion, is unmatched in terms of the screen. However, I really dislike LG WebOS, coming from a Sony AndroidTV. AndroidTV works very well in my opinion,WebOS lacks a lot of functionality, is buggy and slow. And that's not going to change soon.

    You can always buy a 4k Apple TV or any device with that kind of functionality. Sadly, also the Apple TV is not easy to connect to Homey.

    I do have some functionality with my LG TV connected to Homey. I can send messages to be displayed on the screen, I could switch channels if I would use channels on my LG (I have a Horizon settopbox, so I have created an app for that... which I don't use at all), change the input and volume, and if I align it correctly I can turn on/off the television using infrared.

    I also have created an app for my Onkyo receiver, which I use more. Homey announces which input I am listening to (CBL/SAT, TV, Game, PC, Tuner, Net for example) when I switch it. I plan to do more when I get more devices in my home in the future, for example mute the receiver sound when my doorbell rings. With the receiver, I can do more and detect more. That's a lot more useful than what I can do with my TV.
  • There are television sets that support 'wake on lan'. This helps the interaction with Homey.
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