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Motion sensor and lights control, best way?

I'm testing a setup with a Fibaro Motion Sensor and Dimmer 2 in the hallway.

Problem 1:
The idea is that at the evening, the lights will dim down to maybe 10%, but they will dim up to 40% when movement is detected, and after a certain time (1 minute) dim back to 10%. 

My question now is; How can I "extend" the 1 minute time whenever there is movement? It seems like it stops working for a few minutes after turning off, even though there's movement in the hallway. 

I'd like it to always, instantly turn on the lights in the hallway, and if they are on, extend the "dim down" time to one minute as long as there is movement.
If there is 5 seconds left, and there is movement, go back up to 1 minute.

Problem 2:
At night I want to use it as a night lamp, so when you walk into the hallway, it will dim to 1%. The problem is that the LED's can't turn on properly at such a low brightness, only one out of four bulbs lights up. So I creates a flow which starts at 3%, and over 2 seconds dims to 1%. This is fine. It then turns off after 2 minutes.

But as with "Problem 1" I want to extend that "off" signal if there is still any movement detected, I want it to go back up to two minutes.

Problem 3:
After being up at night, the last brightness (which Dimmer 2 remembers) was 1%, so when I manually click the light switch, I get the same issue as described in "Problem 2", they won't all power on.

Without using "forced brightness", is there a way to set minimum brightness when turned on manually? I find it strange that this isn't a parameter in the Fibaro Dimmer 2, minimum brightness?

Of course a fix is to set the minimum brightness to 3%, but it can dim down to 1%, something I'd like at night...


  • Just take a look at the Countdown app in the app store. Start countdown after movement say 2 minutes, after it hits 0 check if there is still movement so yes extend the countdown :) 
  • For problem 1 you also might want to look into the app 'Sets'. Each time there is motion, the timer is reset to the value you entered. This app also works well for multiple motion sensors.

    I can't help you with problem 2 and 3 since I use a different setup / manufacturer. Instead of manually turning off the lights you might want to consider a remote like Nodon. 

  • I agree countdown app is very nice.
    Is it an better idea to use "when sunset" instead of a time?
  • canedje said:
    I agree countdown app is very nice.
    Is it an better idea to use "when sunset" instead of a time?
    That would be better since the sunset differs throughout the year. Even better would be to use a sensor to determine the available light in the room. That way, when it starts raining and gets a bit darker, the brightness of the lights will increase.
  • Maybe it is an overkill for the hallway but for the living room I use a flow to turn on the lights at dawn  (when I'm not home) and a second flow for when there is motion in the living room and the light level is below a certain value. This could happen during a rainy day like Amelsfort mentioned. 
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