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Official - Web based dashboard for Homey



  • win7/firefox too.. On my FP2 (pinned) I still get the old page and no way to do a refresh?
  • bvdbos said:
    win7/firefox too.. On my FP2 (pinned) I still get the old page and no way to do a refresh?
    I have no idea what a FP2 is, but if it's an Android device, just open the app, then kill it in the taskmanager and open it again.. ;)
  • Works fine here on Nexus 5X, Android 8.0, Chrome. Only drag and drop, no grid snapping.
    Same here. Works fine!
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited November 2017
    Fairphone 2 :smiley:.

    I had to delete the app, open the website and add to startmenu again to pinn the new version.
  • @bvdbos
    When it was android, you could just have cleared the cache in settings->apps->chrome/browser.

    Actually it is grid snapping to 1x1 px :smile:
  • Dragging and dropping works fine... 
    When I switch to devices and back to dashboard all is reset.
  • Ye positions aren't saved yet :) Just some tests to make sure the drag and drop works as expected.
    Might make the snap grid bigger then 1x1 pixels tho.

    The original idea was to create an "add widget" button where you can select a widget from an overview(with examples on how they look)... then it gets added to the dashboard and with a long press they start to wiggle and you can move them around :smile:

    Glad nobody found any issues yet tho..
  • Works fine! (Samsung S8)
  • @swttt
    Looking great so far. Maybe an idea for the Dashboard section: possibility to slide through the different dashboard pages. I don't know if that's possible. So far great work!!
  • dragging on iphone 8 with ios 11.1 works great!
  • DIYglennDIYglenn Member
    edited November 2017
    I would love to see this on something like this:
    Sibo Q895
    or this:
    Sibo Q896

    I'm just thinking - multiple inwall/onwall LCD's, all booting straight to browser/webapp with Homey (and having Athom/Homey logo on boot), it could give a very nice extension of Homey (f.ex. in the kitchen). 

    Could be a Zipatile killer if done right.

    I like the first one, with a nice slim power cable it could be installed on just about any wall. Could be modified by soldering the power wire to make it as close to the wall as possible (min 2mm). 
    Could maybe use the sides as a template to create wooden inserts instead of the "wool/EVA inserts". 

  • Actually those 2 run android, so should be possible :)
    Not sure how android can be set-up but Apple supports one-app-mode.

    I am going for the sDock with an iPad, then put it in one-app-mode and use it to control the TV as well etc. (maybe even a 2nd ipad on the coffee table.
  • AFAIK these tablets support single-app mode from factory. They run Android 4.2.2 on a dual core however, so they're a bit old an slow, but again I'm not going to be running anything fancy on them. They had some 8-core ones with Android 6.0, but I didn't like the looks. The Q895 is my favorite so far, at least for external mounting.
  • I've tried running on my old iPad2 with iOS 9.3.5 on it.

    With both Safari and another browser like Chrome I get this:

    and this:

    The 'settings'button (top left) is also not responding. Dragging doesn't work too.

    Is this something already known to the devs?

    I really like to use some sort of tablet to control my Homey from the living, but...I guess my iPad is getting too old for this :(

  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited November 2017
    First pic looks ok to me. Second pic u can select different rooms u already made in the settings menu in Homey settings. So, inside Homey settings, make a room and put some stuff in there. Then u can select that room in
  • @Tallguy
    you should use safari and pin it to the homescreen. Dragging on the dashboard was just a test, the dashboard itself isn’t functional yet. 

    Have seen an issue with the sidebar in horizontal mode. You should try it in a vertical view tho or reloading... still not sure what the issue is tho.
  • @swttt
    Could you add the posibility to show a Betterlogic variable on the new dashboard?
    I know the dashboard isn't even finished, but just asking...  ;)
  • Ye shouldn't be that hard to implement.
    Currently working allot on homekit, and failing time to continue on homeydash this week.

    Next week homeydash is up again...kinda hard to divide time between 2 apps ;P
  • swttt said:
    Ye shouldn't be that hard to implement.
    Currently working allot on homekit, and failing time to continue on homeydash this week.

    Next week homeydash is up again...kinda hard to divide time between 2 apps ;P
    No did a great job so fare...and in the mean time is the "old" dashboard running on all my wall-tabs
  • Betterlogic variable on the new dashboard +1, if possible. To use with MQTT.
  • First post and first week or so with the Homey.

    Got it, some outlet switches, and a Hue set. Wife enjoys the light, but not me switching it non stop, and not the fact that I removed the switches from the walls. This app looks great for it. Figured I'd go thrue the drawers to find some old phones to use as a switch and found an Iphone MD298KS/A. Did a clean iOS install and upgraded version.

    Got it all working until I tried to pin the app to the home screen. It's pinned. When I start the app I get the page for entering e-mail and password but when I press log in the page just reloads. Seeing as Safari, nor Chrome, did allow fullscreen mode, I downloaded iCab and got it all running great.

    Already trying to find a charger for the next drawer Iphone, whatever version that is (different cable for charging anyway :))
  • A question, I realy like the app. But what I'm missing is the possibility to start flows. Maybe it's already in but I couldn't find it. If it is not in right now will this be added soon or are there plans to intergrate this?
  • @nldutchie
    The only way to trigger flows is using something like virtual device, better logic or voice.
    In this case you could create a virtual device that triggers a flow.
  • @j0h2n
    Do you mean the homeydash app or ?
    This issue shouldn't happen with the website, but the app indeed could.
    There is a work around in the app topic here on the forum.
  • Work fine overhere too!
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited November 2017

    In Homey Dash a have a z-wave device that shows in the zone I placed it in, but in it does not show. Is this a bug?

  • on my old iPad, i log on and allow but get a white screen.. anyone seen this  and solved this?
  • @Erwin17 Huhm... how old is the iPad? Need to check to see what is causing this..

    @Eternity Depends on what kind of device. It should reload all the devices on a page reload IF the capability is supported. If it still didn't showed up, could you create an issue with the capabilities (or used app name and device name/driver)

    I just pushed a few small updates:
    - Zones sidebar shows zones and subzones more clearly.
    - Under the Device page title it shows the zone name
    - It loads the last visited zone when opening the devices page again
    - updated to the latest version of the web-api (with breaking stuff ;P )
  • @swttt

    Just checked again; the Eurotronic radiator valve is visible (as a device that shows temperature) in HomeyDash, but not in
    My Aeotec multi sensor 6's are visible on both platforms and report temperature correctly.

    Would you still like a GitHub issue created?
  • @Eternity Yes please. If possible could you include the capabilities? Might have to do by filtering on device class. And the class for thermostats isnt implemented yet.
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