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3/4 in One Multisensors (Philio, TKB, ...) problems


I am currently switching from Zipabox to Homey and I have the follwoing problems with the 3/4 multisensors I mainly have installed to control my windows and doors (and which never have caused an issue on the Zipabox):

1) Some of the multisensors are not correctly detected - meaning the door sensor function is missing. This relates mainly to the TKB devices. I have already "re-installed" them several times and also tried the reset of the devices. But all failed so far - the door sensor function is still missing.

2) The Philio devices are detected correctly with door sensor function, but it does not work at all. There is no recognition if the door has been opended or not.

Of course both Problem are critical for my home security as I have about 10 of these devices (6 Philio and 4 TKB) to control Windows and doors.

Any help or idea is highly appreciated.

Many thanks,



  • Tkb app creator here.

    The TKB 3 in 1, and 4 in 1 are the same device in the case for tkb. 
    And have implemented everything with the 4 in 1 in mind, so it should have the contact capability.
    Can you give a screenshot of the mobile card (overview with the capabilities) where it doesn't have the contact capability?
    Then I can try to debug that, though have no option to test this myself as I don't have either of the 2 (3 or 4 in 1), so bare with me while trying to fix it.

    For philio I can't help you
  • Hi, thanks for quick feedback. As I am quite new to Homey - where do I find the mobile card of the device? I just noticed in the flow manager that there is no contact alarm card I can choose.

    Thanks for your help!

  • This is the mobile card:

  • Thanks - again learned something.
    I have checked the cards and all function are OK. Strange, but prefer it this way. So it seems to be more a flow issue I have to check.

  • if it is only missing the flow cards then we at least have lowered the amount of searching big time :smile:
  • Just checked flow card and I can select the contact alarm card.
    But there is still an issue. I have two devices in my living room, one shows the contact alarm on the card, the other not. I have made a reset on both. Distance to Homey is nearly the same ..... very strange.
    Window sensor:

    Door sensor:

  • Fixed it! The trick was to reset the sensor again and to include it 10cm from Homey and let it stay there for a couple of minutes.
    Same for the Philio devices which additional need adjustments on the settings. Bad thing was I had to demount all sensors.
    Only my 4/1 devices shows continuos motion alarm. But sure I will find a solution sooner or later
  • You can also move Homey to the sensors by using a USB Powerbank, instead of moving the sensor near Homey.
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