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Verisure alarmsystem support

Are there any users with a Verisure alarmsystem ( . Would be cool if I could connect the Verisure system to Homey.


  • And maybe G4S new smartsystem?  :D
  • @kempet i'm an owner of a Verisure alarmsystem but I don't think they will make an api. Securitas (Verisure) is a company that is really on it's own. 
  • mixukmixuk Member
    edited August 2017
    Home assistant has Verisure support, so it seems like it should be possible.

    Also someone did this as well:

    Maybe an opportunity for an eager app developer?
  • cbhcbh Member
    Have two Yale Doorman and use the Verisure's app to control them. Would be nice if it could be integrated (to a certain degree) in the flows - e.g. notification about unlocked door and alike.
    Haven't got the skills to develop an app - but would definitely be interested :-)
  • btwvincebtwvince Member
    edited September 2017
    There has to be someone who can make this app :smile:
    It would be great if I can use all of my motion detectors and sensors from Verisure 
  • Building an app is one but maintainig when a developer doesn't own the device himself makes it hard for a developer to just make this app so best way to do this is to make this app yourself with help from the community/developers :) 
  • This would be so nice, i think there is an api to work with, the onlu setting you had to input in homeassistant was your username and password and the it fetched all your devices. Please someone that knows a little coding could make this work

  • This is crucial for me. Without support for Verisure, I will not buy a Homey but if it came try. Then I am first in line at the store!
  • zshfzshf Member
    edited October 2017
    there is no API in its true meaning. Some of the "hacks" found here and there are afaik based on parsing the "my pages" of the verisure website. Not even remotely officially supported and if used too frequently (status update) it will get your account blocked at verisure side as well.
  • Home Assistant use this python module:
  • There is also a plugin for Homebridge available, it does not seem to be a lot of work to port it to Homey.
  • Any update on this? I would love to see this! I know that Samsung Smartthings had an smartapp for this. So it could be done. But not by me:-( 
  • It's not so good. I started coding the app and had issues. The biggest one is that Im getting banned by Verisure. Verisure doesnt have an open api. When a account checks the status to often in a timeframe they block the account. I couldnt find where the brake line is. I don't want to test anymore so they don't see and call me.
  • If you need someone to help "sharing" the testing, let me know - I'll be happy to install your draft 
  • I'm running the Verisure SmartApp in SmartThings with a 30 seconds intervall check. Not being banned yet.
    I did the same with HomeAssistant.
    Getting support for Verisure and Garadget garage door opener will make me buy Homey:-)
  • Sorry I didn't respond. 
    The app is almost finnished.
    Found the break line, it's different för different services.
    Think itll be ready for public testing before the end of this week.
    The first step is Only to read the status at verisure not changing.
    We are going to need testers with as many devices from Verisure.
    Hope somebody has also the connection to Yale doorman (Scandinavian).
  • Got 2x Doorman :-)
  • djeskodjesko Member
    edited November 2017
    yale doorman (swe) 
  • Perfect.
  • I also have Verisure. Doorsensors, smokedetektors and smartplugs. Also a Yale doorman V2N. (Sweden)
  • let me know if you need me to sideload the app for testing 
  • Being able to poll the status on demand would be brilliant!
    Even if that is the only function in the app, I'd be happy :-)
  • cbh said:
    Being able to poll the status on demand would be brilliant!
    Even if that is the only function in the app, I'd be happy :-)
    To start with. Yes.

  • I'm glad to hear that there is progress on this.
    I have quite many Verisure devices and and would be happy to help testing!
  • Joske522Joske522 Member
    edited November 2017
    Great! Looking forward to the app! 
  • Awesome, sign me up for testing also. Sweden,cameras,doorman,firedetectors,doordetectors and so on.
  • Sign me up too! Got plenty of Verisure devices and will install Yale Doorman Y2N in all doors next month.
  • Also willing to test it out. Have Doorman and lots of sensors.
  • I have three Yale Doorman, a verisure wall plug and a bunch of devices in my Homey-setup.  Sign me up fpr testing if you want....

  • Curious about the status of the app, sign me up for testing! :)
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