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Hello, I do not speak at all English, is I would like to know when the French language will be integrated. thank you


  • German language support is apparently the next priority. That has been announced approx. a year ago, and will apparently be implemented in the first half of 2017.
    So I'd say that French language support would be done in the second half of 2017 at the earliest (assuming they have enough French users to make it worth the investment)

  • Hello,
    Thank you for this info, I see that France is in the projects, so I regret to have to buy homey, because everything is headed with the way, for my part in english I am null. thanks again.
  • I guess the most accurate information about the timeline comes from Athom, 
    Although I expect an answer like when we are ready for it maybe we should ask direct by mentioning  @Annemarie to get  an real estimate.
  • JschuetzJschuetz Member
    edited February 2017
    Any news? More German users would be good for the community and app market to grow. The German market and smart home Community is big. If you look on openhab, fhem...
  • +1 for german translation :)
  • hi.
    In my cas, i bought Homey during crowfounding period because French language was indicate. Now, i'm despit buy it and probably i'll sale it. Intreface is beautiful but speaking in english or dutch isn't be ergonomic... and not WAF too.
    Probably, i 'll thinking about a mix between amazon or google box with jeedom on raspberry.
  • +1 for german language 
  • If we, the comunity, can help, let us know. I can help with german.
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    edited November 2017
    German is also no problem for me, but I think that implementing has to be done by athom..? In case they have a basic (German) speech library implemented, maybe the community can help with specific translations?
  • I don't know the internal logic, but since Homey is already multilanguage it should not be a general problem, mostly a question of ressources.
  • Nah, thats the problem. The speech2text should work with other languages indeed. But Athom is looking at grammar as well. It actually goes like: Speech -> Speech to text server -> Speech grammar server -> response

    Because of that grammar service homey understands for example locations better.. turn the light on in the cabinet, it knows that the cabinet is the location.
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