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Human Interface device icons

Is there any plans to allow users to change device icons in the app to something that is more representative for what the device is used for?

To me it seems rather strange that the icon controlling a row of LED spotlights in my living room is a picture of a hidden in-wall Fibaro Dimmer 2. What is more annoying is that i have to click the icon to get access to the actual dimmer slider. This is not very good Human-Machine interface or good WAF!

To build the logic in a Smart Home, icons representing the actual device is probably a good idea.

In an ideal world the Smart Home should know what You want, but in the real world there will be a need for some kind of interface to override the automation, and to be used by e.g. guests.

A tablet on the wall with icons showing the device controlled insted of the device controlling would have been nice...

Would love to se arguments for keeping the solution as is.


  • Check out homeydash. Think you will love it :)

    And for feature request regarding icons, please post them on GitHub. Think your idea is a pretty good one and loved by the community. The way of putting it, not so much. The people on the forum are your friends, not the ones able to pull the strings at Athom, and also not the ones that can explain to you why Athom doesn't change it.
  • I guess you haven't read about the "going (full) to mobile" things going on at the moment.
    For all the reasons you name now.

    Try searching the forum, enough about "homeydash" and "new mobile app"
  • I apologise if I appear rude!
    I am actually very pleased with the performance of my Homey, and I appreciate the good work the enthusiasts of the community is doing!
    I am probably to impatient regarding improvement of Homey. But I still think there is some core functionality that should be addressed by Athom, and not not up to the community to figure out workarounds to.
    I am using the new mobile app, and it is a vast improvement over the previous one. But still at the moment my critics about icons and HMI stand.
    I have had a quick look at HomeyDash, but it was not giving me any added value over the normal interface. I have probably not used enough time to figure out how to configure it properly. I am hoping for integration with ImperiHome, which would solve most of my requirements for a tablet-on-a-wall controller.
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