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Alarm systems

Hi, I read some topics about making an alarm system with homey, I rather have an app that can understand the TCP/IP protocol from the alarm (standardized?), I have a good dedicated alarm system but I don't have a clue what's happening when I'm away. I would love to receive notifications through push message from my homey, I don't care so much about switching it on or off from the homey.
It would be nice if for example all the lights and tv etc in all the rooms go off when I arm the alarm, and when I come home, the alarm is on and I open the door, that the light in the hall switches on, and so on....
Would this be possible? (I now use 3 doorbell senders that I connected to the alarm status (on/off/alarm) but it seems a bit clumsy to have to do it like that, would be nicer if I had more information.
Any one else reading the state of his alarm in another way?


  • Yes, i use fibaro binary sensors and outputs on my satel alarm system at this moment, i got armed/disarmed, alarm/fire alarm, and when my walk in timer starts and its dark the light in my hallway turns on.
  • do you have that many outputs available on your alarm or was there a lot of soldering involved? ;-)
    I have 2 outputs available (zone A/zone B armed) which I now use as armed or not armed (just did not connect anything to zone B) and use an OC output for an unused alarm output, for the rest I have nothing available, I know in the IP protocol is a lot more available.(only have PSTN at the moment but could connect a TCP/IP converter)
  • MarcelKuijperMarcelKuijper Member
    edited October 2017
    Well i got an satel integra 64 wich got 8 low power outputs and also got an addon board wich adds another 8 zones and 8 outputs (4. Oc and 4 low powered)
    I dont know what you have but there might be an addon board to add extra outputs?

    for sure a connection between the alarm system and homey would be more optimal.
    I know domoticz has a working satel connection.
  • just an old alphatronics system, but it works just fine :-)
    If a system would have full integration I wouldn't mind buying a new one though.
    Disadvantage of the binary inputs for me is that they need 220V, would be nice if there was an input board at 12V and with 4 or 8 inputs or so
  • I heard rumors Alphatronics is working on a way to make it possible to connect systems like homey to their systems. 
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