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Plugging in portable JBL speaker doesn't work like it should

I wanted to give my Homey a little sound upgrade. When I plug in my portable speaker the audio sounds a lot better. Unfortunately it doesn't work like it should. When a flow with speech is triggered the volume is really low. Even when it's on 100%. If i try some flows with speech in a row the volume is perfect but when I wait a few minutes it's back to a low volume. At least for the first flow.

Does anybody else have the same problem? Is this a bug? I really like to use homey as a doorbell but not with his onboard sound quality.


  • Sounds like the speaker is “falling asleep” after a few minutes. Maybe u can try to wake it up in the same flow ?
  • hmm and how do I do that? It's just a simple portable speaker. How can I wake something up that's not a device in homey?
  • Well, i don't have such a device myself so cannot test it but maybe u could play a "fake" mp3 for like 1 second and after that play the doorbell sound. Also maybe (in the same flow) first set volume of Homey speaker?
  • Nothing works. What's the use of line-out if the speaker always starts very soft. Even if you ask Homey a question it has a very low volume. Ask it a question within a few minutes and the volume is good. After that you can start all over again.

    I don't believe I'm the only one who wants to use line-out to make the sound quality better. Which cabled speakers do work? Anyone please:)
  • Play5!
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