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Pulling my hair out - scheduling

dd3ukdd3uk Member
edited October 2017 in Questions & Help
ok this may already be solved but Im damned if I can work out how to make this work. 

Ive been asked by the most important person in this house to be able to schedule events using SIRI... so far Ive figured I can use IFTTT to monitor new events created in a calendar by siri that include a key word and pass info into Homey <span>:smiley:</span>

But how do I then take those variables its passing and get homey to act. 

Im thinking something like the calendar event would contain room name/device action which could correlate to a flow name that would do the necessary...but need that to happen at the start time of the event <span>:neutral:</span>

any ideas? hoping this has been cracked. 

I even thought about using a slack chat as a way of maybe passing info into Homey if theres no apple calendar integration?


  • Thanks , I looked at that but I couldn’t see how it could do what I wanted , just seemed like you could use it to tell you about events rather than launch specified actions related to the content ... unless I’ve missed a trick which is entirely possible 
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    dd3uk said:
    I even thought about using a slack chat as a way of maybe passing info into Homey if theres no apple calendar integration?
    If you want to have Chat integration you can look at Facebook Messenger, no need for Slack there :) Just tell Facebook Messenger that you want to turn the lights on in a room...

    But for the wish to launch certain events based on calendar details, I don't think there is an app for that (yet).

    Based on what @bvdbos posted. The app can do this:

    The iCalendar to Voice App enables your Homey to:

    1. Trigger flows based on upcoming events in your calendar.
    And with that trigger you can use the logic you can do something like

    test.PNG 325.5K
  • Or let IFTTT send a http to Homey with the HTTP app?
  • thanks for the help, I can see how to get the event and some parameters into Homey, but how can I then make those becomes something scheduled? ie. the event in the diary would have a date and time associated with it somehow I need the action to happen but not until that time/date. I like the idea of using HTTP app too, feels like that will have more flexibility to get events into the homey. ... maybe I should find a way to eliminate IFTTT 
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