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what does following errors mean on Ikea Trafri bulbs?

I reguarly get a red triangle in my flows at my IKEA zigbee devices, when i hover over the red triangle it displays an error,  they look like the following:

rsp error: 17

and sometimes this one:

AF data request fails, status code 233, MAC no ACK

Does anyone know what this mean, what is wrong and how to fix?


  • Not exactly as I didn’t develop the driver, but seems like the bulb doesn’t acknowledge the request to change state. Most likely, it’s too far from Homey and/or there is no strong mesh network (not enough nodes).
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    edited October 2017
    Don't think so, the bulbs which gives these errors are approx 1 to 3 meters from homey and there is a zigbee network from about 12 devices present.
  • Hmm in that case I don't know. Sometimes I had those triangles too, but seems to be better with the latest updates. I'll keep an eye out to see if I get the same error or something else. 
  • ModelleurModelleur Member
    edited October 2017
    Same problem here for a few days. Does this problem resolves itself or how did you solve it?

    Thx in advance for the answers.

  • Can u show us a screenshot of the flow?
  • Strange enough the problem is solved for now with a reboot of homey.
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