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[PUBLISHED] Squeezebox App



  • Great stuff Robin, look forward to seeing it!
  • RobinVanKekemRobinVanKekem Member
    edited September 2016
    See my pull request on Github B)

    Also, you can change the topic title to published as it already published :)
  • DD Member
    Any chance the latest (dev) version will get pushed to the Appstore soon? Would love to have triggers and status :smile: 
  • @mtudor ;
    @RobinVanKekem ;

    If you need anyone for testing new versions of the app, I volunteer.....I am able to install from github.

    keep up the good work.

    Gr. Remco

  • Heh, sneaking a peak at the upcoming version eh ;)  I will look to get this pushed next week, as well as integrating some more of the changes Robin has made.  @RemcoHannink if you would like to install the github version and give it a go then please do feel free - there are a few bugs that are still there since the currently published version so we're mainly looking to make sure there haven't been any new ones introduced!
  • Hello,

    Any new on supporting Squeezebox as an audio output for Homey media?

    If I can help in anyway, please let me know.

    Squeezebox as a Homey Media player would be more then great. Iam not very fond of relacing all my players at home bij Sonos........

    Gr. Remco
  • Hi Remco,

    I'd love that too - not sure how easy it will be yet as we'd have to figure out streaming directly to the Squeezeboxes which may or may not be possible (without significant work).  We might be able to somehow set LMS up as a music source and player but I haven't looked into the way the new Homey Media works yet.  I will have a look when I get chance but if you want to have a look / have any insights in the meantime then let me know!

  • A small update - it seems like the way the Athom guys are getting Sonos to receive audio is via an internally hosted "radio station".  I know that *is* something that Squeezebox LMS supports, so we might be able to do something like that :)
  • Great! I'd like to pick up our joint effort again!  B)
  • Can't wait for the result :)
  • DD Member
    Me neither! Are triggers on the roadmap as well? I'd like to trigger actions when a Squeezebox starts playing (turn on amplifier). I've been exploring if I can contribute myself, but haven't really found my way around Homey dev yet.
  • Hi,

    I see I can start/stop a playlist, start/pause squeezebox/control volume with your app. That's nice, but I want to do more. I use Squeezebox for internet radio and also connected it to Spotify.

    1) Is it possible via this app to control these?
    2)And is there active development on this app to include more features? When can we expect these?

  • Another question:

    Can the Squeezebox be added to Homey Music?
  • We haven't figured out an way to use Homey as an Squeezebox player.
    Until then: no.
  • Hi there,

    I tried to connect my squeezebox radio but it failed sofar.I used the IP adress with HTTP:// but the response is 

    probably doing something wrong. 
    Any suggestion will be appreciated
  • Hi :)

    Haven't worked on this for ages. Feel bad, but time is so short.  I'd love to get back to it as I still want it for myself too!  In the meantime, let's see if we can get you running with what's currently there.

    Question One - is this a Squeezebox Radio that connects to Logitech Media Server as I know they released another version that didn't use LMS.  If it's that one, it won't be supported I'm afraid.  The IP address you enter needs to be the IP of an LMS server, not the Squeezebox Radio.  Not sure if we even could support it without an LMS server - maybe it might be possible when we get to integrate with Homey Music...

  • Mark 

    you were right the IP address is of the provider. The squeezebox radio is connected to the LMS on my iMac.

  • Hi again, so the IP you need is the iMac. Does that mean you're up and running? 
  • I just tried to add a Squeezebox. I just get a spinning wheel and then after a few minutes it crashes. I never get the chance to setup anything. It just crashes
  • Hi Kenneth,

    The app does still work (though I am painfully aware I need to commit some time to improving the functionality it offers).  You've also commented on github as an issue so I'll troubleshoot with you there to get you up and running.

  • I got it installed. I had not understood the step about configuration. I explained how my brain read the instruction in the github report.

    Now my next question is.

    How do I use it?   I can see in the discussion that I can start and stop music. I am aware it cannot do much yet but stopping the music with an Alexa voice command is OK for me. It will never be able to voice recognize and seach in my 2000 albums. Start, pause, volume. That is quite OK.

    But how?

    "Alexa, ask Homey to ......???"

    What are the available commands?
  • Hi!

    Could the function to "stop" play be added with flow cards?
    Today i can only "Pause" with a flow, my problem is that when someone press the same button (that activete the flow) it starts playing again.
  • Hi @deedje,

    Yes I should be able to add that for you (as it's a smaller feature) if you think it will be useful.  I'd quite like to add "stop all" too, along with next and previous track.

    I'll try and put some time into it soon.

  • @KennethLavrsen currently there are no built in voice commands.  You would have to create a voice activated flow:

    WHEN Microphone > Something was said containing "pause squeezeboxes" THEN Squeezebox pause card

    Some default voice commands would definitely be a worthwhile addition to avoid needing to create a flow for every Squeezebox action.

    However if you just want "Alexa, ask homey to pause squeezeboxes" then you should be able to create a flow to achieve that.  You can also use the playlist card to have homey play music on the squeezebox as a morning alarm for example, or in response to a "party playlist" command or whatever it might be.  I can give you some more guidance if you need it?
  • Hi. 

    First I really appreciate your positive attention and I am deeply thankful. 

    I went and did exactly as you suggest. But then I run into issue that has nothing to do with your App. But I hope you or others can help anyway.

    Anything I try to add in the Microphone card giving be a problem because I use words like Play, Stop, and Pause. There is a little triangle with an exclamation mark that says "Warning, This interferes with an existing speech command."

    I have been playing a little with Flow. And it seems that any sensible normal command word in the English language cannot be used. This cannot be right. I must be doing something wrong.
  • I decided to ignore the warning. And the flows work. I use start and pause and stop. But it seems to give Alexa problems for a person speaking with an accent. Too often Alexa gets pause to post.

    But then I noticed a thing.  It seems that the API that pauses the Squeezebox is a toggle. If you ask it to pause when already paused it starts.

    So here is my simple advice for those that want to use the app for simple start and stop (like when the phone rings and you want to pause the music).

    Make flow. Give it any name

    As a Trigger select the Microphone and pick the card  Something was said containing...
    As test use the word "Squeeze"
    And in the THEN column drag a Squeezebox item to it and pick the Pause Card.

    If you want a nice noice answer sent to Alexa finally drag a Voice item to the THEN column, pick "Say Something" card and enter "Squeezebox is squeezing".

    It seems those words are easy for Alexa to understand. And it is easy to remember the command because it has a certain humor to it. Squeezebox is squeezing ;-)

    I hope this posting can help a newbie like me.

    And thanks again mtudor for your kind support. It is rare to get such kind response on a geek dominated forum. You are outstanding. New rating with be posted.
  • Hi @KennethLavrsen,

    Thanks for the thanks, I do appreciate it!  Life is busy so I don't get as much time as I would like to spend on side-projects but knowing there's someone else using the app will hopefully motivate me to get back to it!

    I think the message you are getting is probably because Homey Music will be using those keywords.  It shouldn't mean anything other than you might get Homey doing two things in response to your command if you have Homey Music configured.  Hopefully if I can figure out how to integrate HomeySqueezebox with Homey Music it might help with that problem though.

    I'd recommend using a longer command like "Pause squeeze box" rather than just "Pause" as voice recognition tends to work better with longer phrases.  Also note that I put a space between "squeeze" and "box" as those are the common words it will probably get from your command.  You might find this page useful, which lets you both type speech commands AND see what Homey thinks you said: http://<your homey ip>/manager/speech-input/.

    Given that @KennethLavrsen and @deedje both would like a non-toggling stop command I will see if I can get that done for you both... I like the idea of the ability to pause on phone calls ;)

  • Hi Mark,

    I just want to say I'm also still very interested in getting my Squeezebox as standard for Homey Music. I think there are still quite a few people around having the Logitech Media server running and would like this to happen some time.

    Hope you will find the time.

  • anneanne Member
    I love my squeezebox touch, although I don't really use it much in combination with Homey as I have a networked amplifier that has airplay, spotify connect, etc. 

    For those who may not be aware, the LMS 'spotty' Spotify plugin supports Spotify connect, there's a DLNA plugin which works great, and I think even airplay now works properly. Check out the latest at

    That said, the squeezebox touch can potentially do even more than that, it can for instance be used as a Homey dashboard to control devices and display messages. The Domoticz plugin is capable of doing this, see (perl code).

    Other interesting nodejs squeezebox github repo's: (with Spotify/Soundcloud integration)

    Lots of possibilities. I have a couple of apps I need to update to SDK2 first, but food for thought in the meantime :-)

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