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Would like some help with a flow....

EternityEternity Member
edited August 2017 in Questions & Help
Homey switches on my lights at night 15 minutes after the night starts, using the 'Zonnestanden" app (but only if someone is home, if no one is home it switches off lights that might have been lit):

I would like to change the flow, so that it switches on lights depending on sun set *and* lux (helderheid). The reason being that sometimes it is pretty dark before the original flow kicks in.

In the new flow, the light are switched on 15 minutes earlier than with the original flow, if the Lux level is below 10. 

I made this flow this morning. If I test the flow, it gives an error. That is correct, as it is 15:36 c'clock. But still it was executed an hour ago automatically...?!?!? So, the "ELSE" command was executed during broad daylight... 

Two questions (or 3)
- why did the second flow execute the ELSE command during the day?
- is the second OR command the way to achieve what I want
- any suggestions to make a better world flow?


  • MarcelKuijperMarcelKuijper Member
    edited August 2017
    Because else triggers when "and" and "OR" are false.

    And the "or" triggers when "and" is false, so what did u want with that?

    Also your trigger is wrong it triggers once a day, if u put it on 10 min it checks every 10 min if the sun is set and ur lux is low.
  • Aha.....that is simple !

    Thanks @MarcelKuijper  :-)
  • MarcelKuijperMarcelKuijper Member
    edited August 2017
    . Nvm this post.
  • Best thing to do here would be to create a flow which can be started with three other flows:
    * when someone came home (and lux <10 and 15 minutes after sunset) then trigger
    * when lux drops 10 (and someone is home and 15 minutes before sunset) then trigger
    * when 15 minutes before sunset (and someone is home and lux below 10) then trigger

    This way Homey won't be loaded with cron-jobs...
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited August 2017
    That is a good point, @bvdbos !

    I will rebuild the flows to avoid cron-jobs!

    I want the lights on even is nobody is home, but the curtains are still open. If someone IS home, the lights will stay on after the curtains draw. If nobody is hoe, the lights will switch off 2 minutes after the curtains have closed:-)

    The curtains flow is easy:

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