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Hue Tap


In the Philips Hue app on Homey i can configure my Hue Tap, so that it can trigger actions in my Homey. One question (for people with the same setup), how did you remove the scene triggers on the Hue bridge for the tap? Because if i press a button on the tap, it triggers the Homey flow, but also triggers al my light to go on (or off), according to the Hue scene that is connected... and i cannot remove it in the official Hue app.


  • You should be able to configure it all in the mobile app. Go into settings then accessory setup. From there you can configure each button. Scroll down a bit and you select it to do nothing. Does that help?
  • It should be possible with the hue app on your phone....

    If you install iConnectHue app from the appstore/playstore on your phone. You can connect the hue bridge to your phone (same as the philips hue app) in this app you add/delete action for every button of your hue tap.

  • In the official app it's not possible. If you the actions on the buttons you cannot save because "One or more buttons do not have actions assigned to them". I will try it with iConnectHue!
  • @dennis91
    with the old official hue app (v1) it is possible
  • Winhue can do it too. If you run Windows 8 or 10 on your computer you can use the Huetro app.
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