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The story of the vanished flows and devices

the following could be the source of your missing flows and devices allthough for me
state homey 1.5.0 rc2
Suddenly after the install of 1.5.0 rc2,two days of no problems,actually it fixed for me the issue of crashing apps and i could use my phone app again because with the former firmware what i said it did not answer anymore,so the rc2 was great for me
so suddenly homey became slow,sluggish and it took more time to work and see pages in chrome and the desktop app
so i thought hell here we go again,but there was nothing to see loadavg 0.8 memory 180 mb with swap near 200 mb.
so i decided to do a reboot of homey,but after a reboot of homey the same issue,the loading of the app page in homey took 15 to 20 seconds,maddness
time for drastic solutions and a ptp for 15 min,so i did and after still very slow but now i noticed that all my flows and devices were gone allthough some flows (turning on lights) were still working as usual only in homey they were gone
Lucky me i made before a backup of my flows and a video of all regarding homey,devices names etc etc,also a hint for other people so you have a complete state of homey in working state and in drastic times you can rebuild homey according the video
when i do a ptp i standard shutdown homey for 30 minutes and that was the following procedure after the one of 15 min,what the heck all my flows and devices were allready gone,what can i lose more.
Back up after 30 min still no flows and devices so i started to make a plan of completely start over from scratch,i uploaded a logfile to Athom and mailed them if they could have a look.
I tried to restore my flows with the backup flows app which succeeded but i could not see them
I was fed up with this bolletje so i decided to do something else and wait for Athom,then i rememberd that one of my kids said,my computer is so slow and i have to wait so long for everything,at that time i thought yes ok shit happens
Then i noticed with working on my phone that from time to time the wifi connection with the router broke and could not reach my nest thermostat through the phone anymore
What happened the days before this issue,there was a firmware update of my 7581 fritzbox and normally i power down the router completely after an update now only a reboot allthough at that time everything was working ok including homey
The losing of wifi connections in the house decided me to check the state of the network more,then i saw that sometimes the light on my harmony hub turned into red,so no connection,from green to red and vice versa
At that time it became more clear to me but if it would help homey i did not know.I shutted down everything in the house,router,hue etc etc,every pc,anything that has to do with the network.
Turned on my router first and then the rest,in the meantime it was allready 01.00 in the night,started working with my phone with a fresh booted network and noticed no more falling away of wifi connections
At that time i booted homey,first impression,working way faster and my devices and flows were BACK,so i was very pleased until i looked precious to all my flows,all was there but double
Deleted all the double ones and hoppa back in business
Conclusion is it possible that a not fully working network (wifi)  can damage your homey


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