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Music issues progress?

Hi Guys,

I was wondering whether any progress is made with fixing the issues playing music. It's one of the features I really liked about Homey but haven't been able to use ever. There's several issues open for this on Github (1554  for example), but haven't seen a lot of movement. Hope this will be fixed with the upcoming 1.5 release!

Looking forward for an update?


  • BramBram Member
    Hi @Bumper I will ask the developers to take a look at issue 1554 on GitHub! I can assure you that we are not sitting still and hard at work fixing all the bugs, also in the music section of Homey:)
  • Hi @Bumper allthough my opinion is that it should be solved in the homey media part,i solved this by the following
    i have two sonos play1's and always trouble with playing sonos play lists,issue 1554 but with soundcloud lists no problem.i have the two sonos play1's in pair.
    because of the lack of progress in the media part of homey i removed the sonos app,flows etc etc.
    i have two amazon echo dots here,why ? because native speech homey does not work,with the dot it always work
    but you can use the dot also for playing sonos lists.With the phone app Yonomi,have a look at it,the world opens
    After installation of Yonomi and setup i say Alexa turn on "playlist" and it will always play your playlist.
    Ok i know on this way i will put homey aside and it is a investment if you do not have the dot,but your media part always work,i have all my cd's ripped into a play list,if i am 15 meters away the dot always hears me and is doing what i want
    For now Homey needs for certain things the help of other devices that is a fact,but i am sure Athom will pickes this up but it is not a Google or Microsoft so it will take a time
    For the switching part,lights,z-wave,devices etc etc,Homey is far in front of the major companies and i have never seen a better device then Homey in the world.
    My opinion and experience is that Home Automation is a combination of devices working together,so it will fit your needs,is Home Automation cheap hell no,but woman are also expensive hi

  • BumperBumper Member
    edited July 2017
    Hi Satbopper, understand your attempts to workaround via existing issues, but this is something that should just work in Homey. If I'd workaroud for the music, I'd only use Homey to automate and work my hue lights. Wouldn't be the best case for homey

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