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[solved] Android app version

edited June 2017 in Apps
Hi. Does anybody know why the android app on my Phone has version 2.4.7 and my wife 2.3.3??
The new version has a better geofence support. In the app store of my wife's Phone it also gives version 2.3.3. My Phone is a Samsung galaxy s8 en my wife's galaxy s7 with both android version 7.



  • satboppersatbopper Member
    edited May 2017
    you need on your wife,s phone,enable the beta and install it
  • I cannot find that setting. I didn't change it on my Phone. I only installed 1.3.0 RC9 on the homey itself. Maybe because I login with the main account???

  • Strange. I never did that. It doesn't even say I am a tester.But many than x

  • glijieglijie Member
    Strange. I never did that. It doesn't even say I am a tester.But many than x

    then maybe check the app store for an update?

  • casedacaseda Member
    2.3.3 is currently the latest stable Android app version.

    So maybe you did it accidentally?
  • Priknr1Priknr1 Member
    2.4.7 is the version in my playstore :S  Never selected beta either.
    And it says in my appstore     Updated: 16 may 2017
  • glijieglijie Member
    2.4.9 is beta
  • JerpetJerpet Member
    If 2.4.9 is beta, then where does 2.4.7 come from? I'm not a betatester and on every owned android device I can download version 2.4.7 except on the galaxy s7 of my girlfriend. It sticks with 2.3.3 as the latest version. 

    When I make her a beta tester she gets version 2.4.9, but this one is less reliable in geofencing. I don't get how play store has different versions.
  • Hi, the developer of the mobile app here. Currently 2.4.7 is still being rolled out, with only 50% being on 2.4.7. I don't know the specifics of how a rollout takes place, but I too have to wait sometimes for a few days to get an update on my regular phone. 
  • Well, just after writing the reply I found out why. Apparently the latest release was created by default as a percentage rollout (50%). I just updated it to rollout to the other 50% as well. Thanks for the headsup.
  • JerpetJerpet Member
    Awesome. I can confirm the S7 is updated to 2.4.7. Thanks.
  • Updated to 2.4.7
    Still unable to se more than ten zones...
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