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Fibaro dimmer 2 changing dim level automatically at 0:00

Some of my Fibaro dimmer’s 2 are changing dim level automatically every day at exactly 0:00h. There is no flow concerned.

How can I prevent this? Thanks for advice.


  • TedTolboomTedTolboom Member
    edited May 2017
    @etienne can you indicate what happens in more detail? I assume LED's are connected to this dimmer-2..

    Is it a dip in dim level and recovering back to the old level? Or is the dim level changed from e.g. 80% to 20%?

    In addition, since I suspect a ripple control effect; at what time is your electricity supplier changing from high to low rate?
  • etienneetienne Member
    I have 5 Fibaro dimmer's. All with LED spots.
    Two dimmers are changing automatically.
    -one at 0h00 from low dim level 20% to (standard) max (level 70)
    -the other at 23h00 also from low 20% to ? (higher)
    My electricity chang from high to low at 23h00.

  • I have the same problem with a Fibaro Dimmer 2;
    After <>20 min the dimmer (20%) is "reset" to maximum set level without any flow actions
  • How long do you have your dimmers? There has been a firmware update from Fibaro 'recently', if I remember correctly it was somewhere around March/April. This firmware update solves some internal dimmer 2 issues. Can't find the list on my phone, but maybe this issue can be solved by upgrading the firmware. You do need someone with a Fibaro Home Center though :( as Fibaro hasn't released their firmware to other Zwave controllers.
  • I had the same issue. After updating to fibaro firmware 3.5 (using a fried's Home Center) and changing some parameters the problem is solved:

  • Ok
    I will try that aswell (was still running 3.4 on the dimmer)
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