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New Thermostat


I just bought a new house and i am currently renovating the enitre place so this would be the perfect time to integrate Homey in my new home. I'm still figuring the out the large potential of Homey. 

I was wondering which themostat works best with homey. I'm looking for zone-control with the capability for heated flooring. I have got heated flooring in the living room and radiators in the rest of the house. 

Do i need the Honeywell Evohome or can i get a Nest or Toon and separate Danfoss LC13 devices where needed?
Do i need an open-therm thermostat or is this just recommended?

Thanks everybody!


  • ZperXZperX Member
    I was in the same shoe. Wanted to get a nest and Danfoss. 
    • Homey`s Z-wave range is very poor when it comes to battery powered devices. At least in my case.
    • Nest (and other) can only work Opentherm and relay interface. They dont support E-bus(Vaillant), junker HT bus (Bosch, Worcester, Nefit), etc..
    • Would not fragment the heating system into 2-3 different system. It is better if the TRVs work in harmony with the rest of the system.

    So I have decided to go with Tado. Not to fancy but works with any system (in my case E-bus) it has TRV. And also affordable when you get it on deal. I got my wall thermostat and gateway for ~100£ on amazon sale.
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    Also: Nest/Google doesn't allow for data-collection. They are in control of your data, not you and your Homey...
  • I'm using Evohome with 7 zones. I'm very satisfied with it. It works as a standalone system so it makes it independent from your controller. It is a proven solution and it is very nice to be able to control your house zone wise so it will save you a little bit on your gas bill. But it is a little bit expensive. I'm using it with the Evohome HR92 radiator valves en I also have in some rooms thermostats hanging so you can also change the setting in the room. I'm using the Honeywell thermostats. But maybe you could use z-wave thermostats as well for that purpose. As home automation / zwave cannot be considered professional but hobby it is good to have a separate system for your heating so at least you don't get relationship problems.
  • JaapPeltJaapPelt Member
    edited May 2017
    I'm also looking into upgrading my thermostat for a new apartment. I'm leaning toward Nest or Honeywell both are excellent independent thermostats. I like Toon well, but the subscription needed for all the features is a show stopper.

    Nest has the added advantage that it can control ventilation as well as part of climate control, but I need to look into the details to see if it works with my HAVC setup. 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    If it's just a single Thermostate I'd go for Thermosmart.... Dutch product and never failed me once. Only downside, like almost all thermostates, is that you connect over the internets... Don't know how Honeywell does that....
  • I second that. ThermoSmart never failed me. 
  • lourenslourens Member
    edited May 2017
    If you want to upgrade your thermostat only to connect with Homey and let Homey do all the smart things I can recommend benext heating control.
     This very handy small  device controls your existing thermostat and not your heating/boiler directly. No extra apps needed, no data in the cloud. Great Wife Acceptance Factor. You will have to look if your thermostat and heating is compatible.
    Not yet compatible with the benext app yet, but support is coming soon thanks to Athom / Robert Bolscher.
    I was beta tester for this, working well, ans also works with the app schedule  from Frank Hermann

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