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(Flow Share) Doggy flow

Hi all,

i know this is not an advanced high tech flow but my dog loves it and it makes his tail wiggle!

So as the man of the house i have the job to walk the dog in the evening (i do it with love) but i am always doing something resulting in forgetting the time to walk with him.  So i made a flow to let me remember to walk him.

For my flow i used the following apps: 
Soundboard:  (i added my song Who Let The Dogs Out (1).rar it's cut short.)

And the flows looks like this: 

It does going to rain in 30min: 

it isn't going to rain in 30min:

Pro's :  You never forget to walk the dog, and your dog will eventually react to homey. 
Con's:  If buienradar is out of sync or not working the flow is not triggered. 

If you like it but unable to get it work i can make a more detailed manual if needed to explain it step by step what i have setup here.


  • NPetersNPeters Member
    Suggestion, add the buienradar check and say "bring umbrella" to another flow and trigger it from the main flow. This way it also keeps working when out of sync. And with the upcoming homey software version it also only needs to be 1 rain flow because you can use the else column.

    Have fun!
  • Is this actually working? The 30 minute check only tells you if it will rain IN (after) 30 minutes. Wouldn't you be back home by that time if you leave straight away? You want to know whether it will rain WITHIN the next 30 minutes, right?
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