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Spotify in music - how to add my playlists from Spotify

nsansa Member
I have installed firmware 1.2.2 + the sonos and spotify beta apps. I am able to add music (number by number) in a playlist, but i do not see how i can find my allready exsisting playlists from spotify and add them as playlist...Somebody an idea?

in the support page there seems to be an screenshot example of the Spotify playlist; discover weekly:

3. Kies de playlists en liedjes om de sfeer te zetten (


  • My playlists all just showed up automatically? All I did was connect my account.
  • It will be nice if i can use a label for the playlist. Then I can make a playlist with a tag number en start playing a CD by holding it above my homey (RFID tag in the CD cover)
  • nsansa Member
    Hmmm, i did an reinstall. But no playlists show up...What else can i do...
  • bvdbos said:
    Like this?

    Yes like that but then with the tag number as input for the playlist. Playlist with name like 06:a4:45:d6
    So the tag can be placed in the cd case by holding the cd cover over homey it starts to play the music on that cd
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