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Button on Iphone to set lights on or off (need some help)

HaelengHaeleng Member
edited December 2016 in Questions & Help
Hi, I'm brand new with homey, reveived him yesterday and I'm just a simple beginning user. I miss some examples to get started.
I have some kaku (klik aan klik uit) devices added to my homey and can switch them on and off manually via the webinterface on the Windows computer
I also have an Iphone and Ipad.
I like to make a flow so that when I press a button on the Iphone ot Ipad I can switch 4 lamps (Kaku devices) in the living room on and off.
When I go to the Flow editor I don't see a possibility of a button that can be pressed.
What should I do or install to create the previous mentioned flow of controling lights by means of a button. 
Thanks ina


  • Make a account.....
    Use the do button and add homey  to ifttt 
  • i use better logic app to create a virtual button that i can use for light and stuff 

    boolean type in better logic , add as device 

  • Another possibility: install the "better logic" app, in the settings create a boolean(true/false) variable and then add a bitflip device. That's a virtual switch.

    Another possibility: use one of the kaku-devices and create a flow which, if one light turns off, the others also turn off.

    Another possibility: create a (virtual) KaKu device which, with flows, you use to switch the other devices.
  • glijieglijie Member
    edited December 2016
    or add the AC-1000 from KAKU. and then make a flow with that button.
    when adding do use "genereer signaal" and press next til you can choose lamp.. make choose en pres next.. then you can use that button to make a flow 

  • HaelengHaeleng Member
    edited December 2016
    Hi Thanks for the reply, but like I already mentioned I'm not used to this modern kind of programming. So please could somebody help me how to get a light on or off by means of button pressed on a Ipad, step by step.
    I managed to install the "better logic"  app in Homey.
    But now I get lost.
    What should I do in the Flow editor in the column Als  ...En .... Dan
    And when done in the Flow editor, how do I see it back as a button on the Ipad
    Thanks again
  • First, install Better Logic, you did that. Then on the settings-page, create a boolean-variable in BL:

    Go to your devices-page and add a new device, choose Better Logic:

    Then assign the variable you created to the device:

    This results in a "virtual device" which you can turn on and off.

    Then create a flow which, on change of the variable (and thus the switch) turns the lights off or on:

  • Hi Bas,
    Thanks a lot!! It is working.
    I can now switch more lamps on and off from my Iphone
    The only thing I changed is in the "dan" column. I changed Schakel aan into Zet Schakel aan of uit, otherwise like in your example it does switch on, but it didn't switch off.
    By the way, where did you found this information? I never should have achieved this without your help.
    Again many thanks!
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited December 2016
    You'll need a second flow for that : "if variable changed" and "variable is false" then "turn off lights"...
    Start at and by reading the forum. If you're stuck you could also ask a question on the slack-group (, signup on, there's people online 24/7 (well, almost 24 at least). It's not that hard once you grasp the concept.
  • Hi Bas,

    Thanks for the links and quick support
  • This tutorial works perfect, but I don't get a on/off button on my iPhone.
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