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need a longer ir signal

Hi i have a device for what i have to keep a button on the remote pressed for a longer time.
I can copy the signal but how do i make homey to keep it pressed for a longer time?


  • When you press a remote it sends out the signal couple of times while it is pressed. So to imitate a long press you need to increase number of signals sent by homey:

    I also have a remote what requires a long press to turn on.

    It is tricky to find the good number of repeated signals, also the signals transmitted by homey are not optimal (but of course this also depends on the specific brand). I hope in the future we will have greater access to the IR signal properties to be able to fine tune them.
  • I have exactly the same problem but I don't know how I can make Homey 'long press' the power button of the remote for my Panasonic Viera remote. I have the app installed but I cannot make the remote learn commands and I don't know how to add the option "Repeatly push a button'.
    Any advice?
  • @Kafzar
    Did you known that there is also a Panasonic Viera SmartTV app?
    My Panasonic smart tv is connected to my LAN. To power off the tv i use the panasonic app instead of sending an IR signal to the TV.
  • Hey @KikkerX10, thanks for your advice. I knew that there is a SmartTV app. Unfortunately, my TV is as dumb as a doornail.
    By now, I found out how to make homey learn IR commands and I can turn the TV on. However, the default input for the TV is analog while I use HDMI 2. For some reason, Homey refuses to learn the switch input command or simply does not do it.
    I bought a Harmony Hub to see if I can make it work using Logitech Harmony One Ultimate and its hub.
    I think I will receive the parcel this Friday so fingers crossed.
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