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Trigger "if variable changed" won't work

I have made a flow that as a variable Changed the lights turn on. But the trigger won't work. 

is this a known bug?


  • try it with a variable has set
  • That's not possible. Can't drag tags to better logic. 

  • Can you show the flow?
  • jovinkjovink Member
    edited February 2017
    This is my flow

  • jovink said:
    This is my flow

    Pic is not showing, only in chrome i can see a broken image link.
    Where does the tag Helder belong to?
  • jovinkjovink Member
    edited February 2017
    It is a tiff image. I'll try to change it. 
    My motion Fibaro motion sensor. Also tried my Philio sensor.  
  • Ah ok, i dont have any fibaro devices yet.
    Im sorry but at the moment i dont know how to solve it
  • Doesn't matter, thanks for your time. 
    Hope someone else can help me 
  • Helderheid is not a variable, it's a status. Can u show us the flow which is actualy changing the variable?
    Something like:
    When Helderheid has changed,  set number variable "donker" .
    When variable "donker" has changed, And "donker" is lower then 4, Then put the lights on?
  • this is my only flow. I didn't know it was a status. 
    Because if I look at tags I see a number (variable) so I thought it was a variable. 
  • Just go create a number variable with the better logic app and ur good to go.
  • Thank you! I'll try it! 
  • Must I use better logic or logica to trigger "helderheid"? 
    On Better logic I can't put a helderheid tag in it. 

    And with logica it won't trigger. 
  • When u made a number variable u can use this:

    In my case the variable name is "Lux-keuken"
  • So u will have to create a number variable with the better logic app.
    After that u create 2 flows:

    Then ur good.
  • I'm so stupid! 
    Of course I need to use the motion sensor it self. 
    Thanks a gain no it works. 
  • i have a similar issue, when i push the test button the flow act like expected. But when it's running it doesn't do anything. 
  • So u will have to create a number variable with the better logic app.
    After that u create 2 flows:

    Then ur good.
    Add in the  AND column a card with Buiten lamp is OFF  This way the buitenlamp will turned on just once and not each time when the LUX is changed( beneed the 4 in your case), yes you won't notice the difference but if you end Up with more of those flows then the delay for other flows like turning on/off lights or whatever could end up in longer delay's 
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