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[App][Beta testing]Sony Bravia(KD, KDL series 2013+) AndroidTV



  • I've added this app and tried to create flows with this. But nothing happens. Even just a simple volume up one. My tv is connected it says.
  • Are there more available options? Like changing to a chanel on digital input? I'm using a ci+ module and changing input to this is not available, only hdmi 1-4 . would love this. 
  • Will have to look into that, been away for a while (busy at work and then a vacation, then busy at work again:)).
  • Hi @jorden, I have a feature request for this great app. Is it possible to add a 'Tag' with the current HDMI channel?

    I want to use this in the following flow:

    IF HDMI changed, AND HDMI = 1, THEN start game-flow
    IF HDMI changed, AND HDMI = 2, THEN start movie-flow

    Hope you can implement this in the future in the app! Thanks!
  • Hi @jorden,

    I have a strange issue with the awesome app. When I create a flow I can set the following IF statement: IF the TV is turned off THEN do x. But when I turn the TV off, and test the flow, that statement is set as false. Is there any way to solve this?

    Thanks :).
  • Not sure if I'll be able to solve this. I sold my Sony TV to buy an LG OLED tv, and didn't build this current app myself to begin with.
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