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Homey reageert niet op "Ok homey"'

Bij instellingen staat de microfoon aan, maar hij reageert niet op spraak.
Ledring verandert ook niet van kleur.
Iemand een idee ?


  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited January 2017
    login to Homey through Chrome-browser and go to your settings-page.
    Then change the url to
    (keep the ip-adres on the dots)

    and see if Homey hears something here... Also: if you type something here it gets processed by Homey as if it was heard. So you can type "tell me time" for example... Other commands:
  • Ok, when I type "hoe laat is het " the Homey gave the correct time.
    But the mic. is still not working.
  • CorvdNietCorvdNiet Member
    edited January 2017
    Microfone On in Settings (instellingen) ?
    EDIT: oops did not read your initial quote very well.  :|
  • Not logical but maybe you can make a flow like this, test it and then try again "Ok Homey" (minimum range to Homey of 1 meter)

  • Welkom to the forum,
    If you verified Homey updated successful to the latest firmware  after unboxing and setup ( 1.1.2 at this moment ) the  mic is on, and the led ring is normal rotating and  not dimmed Homey  should change the ring after the trigger  "OK Homey" at a short  distance in a quiet environment. 
    Homey should be connected to the Internet to start listening after the trigger. Check that a voice for your language is downloaded. 
    If it doesn't  work, unplug  and maybe to isolate environmental issues  move to an other room with for example less echo. Plugin and wait until Homey is started and  connected again.
    Test it again. If that doesn't work email
  • I don't not why, but it's working now. The Homey's recognized the voice of my son (30 years) immediately. Probably the Homey has only problems with my voice (62).
    Thank you all, for your support!
  • Haha.... 
    That was the only thing no one suggested.... 

    If anything fails to fix the problem for a user,  replace the user causing the problem.....  :)

    Anyway, let several people trigger Homey and listen carefully.
    Keep trying and find a way to pronounce OK Homey that also works for you and Homey. 

    And pls email support with your findings. And maybe a small recording how you speak to let them know about this problem for you. Not that they will solve it instantly, but If they don't get feedback they certainly never will fix it. 
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