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start flow in a flow not working, what do i wrong?

I created a flow (named 'test flow') with in the 'if' (als) field 'this flow is geactiveerd', in the other fields the flow what should be done.
When i run this flow as test it is executed nicely.

But when i want to trigger this flow in an other flow by using in the 'then' (dan) field 'schakel een flow in' and enter here thye name 'test flow' and i excuste this flow nothing happens.

As test i excusted also a speach command 'test flow running' and activate flow, the speach is done by Homey but the flow what should be runned is not executed.

So both flows work fine when tested seperately, but when it should be executed as then statement the second flow is not run.

What do i wrong here?!


  • ReneO62ReneO62 Member
    edited January 2017
    Don't use ' schakel een flow in' but  use 'activeer een flow'  in the then\dan column

    edit: add where to use it
  • ok, gonna test it, but what is the difference between: schakel flow in en activeer a flow?
    When do you use 'schakel in' and when 'activeer'?
  • Schakel in = enable flow / tick flow
    Activeer = run / execute
  • A thx!

    But indeed, when i use activate it works...
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