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NFC Homey repaets talking depending from kind of smartphone

rraetsrraets Member
edited December 2016 in Questions & Help
When I use my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , homey says everuthing 5 times.
With Galaxy S6 idem.
With a Galaxy S4 mini just 1 time (as meant)
The playing of youtube video on Chromecast goes well.


  • Somebody has an idea why ???

  • What about the phone device? After login Athom, there is a phones menu. Maybe there are a more phone registrations for the same phone. 
    A very little chance. I didn't have some nfc tags. So can't try to reproduce this issue.
  • KeeKee Member
    Tested with S7 and one contact gives 4 "repeats". So I can reproduce it. 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited January 2017
    Really strange... Could you create a github issue for this. If you can please install and copy the relevant log-entries: is the message sent 4 times?

  • KeeKee Member
    edited January 2017
    Strange. The logger only shows one entry but the flow is executed now 3 times.
    The entry:
    2017-01-14T08:56:38.466ZSpeechOutput: speech{"text":"Tag ","session":"homey"}
  • KeeKee Member
    edited January 2017
    Must be something with the (Samsung) phone(s). When I use the OV chipcard it is detected once. Also Sony Z3 detects 1 time. 
  • Then we need some kind of debounce (timeout) like there is for 433 devices I guess... Still worth to create an issue for...
  • rraetsrraets Member
    edited January 2017
    So far as i can see we have the problem with samsung s6 s7 s7edge...
    S4 has not that problem.
    From S6 are the Samsung devices compatible with Samsung Pay.
    Maybe there is from that moment a difference in the NFC chip ?
  • Same here with S7 edge 4 triggers. But I noticed that 4 different NFC tags are submitted not just one like on S4.
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