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[Solved] Req. Sleep mode / slaap stand

FloodnlFloodnl Member
edited May 2017 in Questions & Help
Hi all,

Is it possible to set the homey ledring to dim to 0% at specific times?   I have a dog and do not want to bother him with the lights the homey produce. 

It would be nice if we had a option to set a led on and led off option so the led turns itself off during the given time frame. 

(i know you can set this manually but to do this every morning and evening...) 


  • You can make a flow. Between x and y dim lights. After time y undim light.
  • Create a flow:

    at specific time set LED brightness to 0%
  • Tim_Brass said:
    Create a flow:

    at specific time set LED brightness to 0%
    That actually sounds really simple...  Damn i am overthinking stuff    thanks for helping me m8.   
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited January 2017
    Or set ledring off in screensaver in a flow with x triggers :) 

    The most simple way:

  • Thanks all my doggy os going to like this <span>:smile:</span>
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