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Looking for something to control ceiling lights


I'm looking for a device so I can control my ceiling lights. I already have my lights with a plug hooked up with sockets from the Action, but now I want full control.

I've seen that KlikaanKlikuit has these.

Does anyone has experience with this system or perhaps an other system they can recommend?



  • In the end u want Hue
  • In the end u want Hue
    Hue can be great, but limited in product diversity.
    Kaku/zwave switches behind the wallswitch should be best option:
    - more user friendly by being able to use wall switches
    - more options in lamps, etc
  • Zwave, ok. But u would prefer Kaku-normal lamp above Hue? Hmmm.
  • In my case: Hue (zigbee) above KaKu (although KaKu is evolving with the 868 range supporting two-way communication).
    Z-Wave above hue (in my case) as it is cheaper.

    For my 8 ceiling light GU10 spots I added two Fibaro Z-Wave dimmers (120€). For this I get dimmable spots that are still controllable by the wall switches (in hotel sequence). So I can advise this to anyone :)
  • Kaku is a good solution.... the have many products
  • dvk8dvk8 Member
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    I'm looking for something not too expensive. Since I have a total of 9 gui10 I think the Hue is a bit expensive. I'll look into some of suggestions you gave me!
  • Fibaro z-wave dimmer 2 is a simple and good option. I've used 2 of them in my new bathroom. Very nice!
  • Using 2 x fibaro dimmer 2 very happy with, I use it with a double pulse-switch for on/off and dim/bright. I have one dimmer 2 in the wallbox and the other one at lamp in ceiling.
  • I bought 2 Kaku ACM-1000 switches but they don't fit in the box in the ceiling. looks like ill have to save for hue's
  • dvk8dvk8 Member
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