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Zwave time-out when adding device

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I'm trying to add my Z-wave sensor 'Aeon Labs MultiSensor (gen5). When adding it to Homey it finds the sensor and goes through some steps, then hangs at "Receiving command class versions". After about 10 seconds it gives this error: "Timeout while getting the command class versions".

When I try to pair it again, Homey says it is already paired and I should remove it first. But the device is not listed in the devices screen.

Resetting and trying again doesn't help.

Running Homey version 0.9.2

What to do?

BTW Homey's Z-wave range is terrible. Its worse then 434Mhz...

EDIT: I get the problem with some, not all, of the other Z-wave products I try to link, from other manufacturers. Like a wall switch from Oppo, it hangs on "receiving command class versions 13/18) and then times out. Come on Athom...


  • Did you install the zwave apps from the app store ? If not not much zwave will work.

    aeotec is not in appstore yet. Youll have to github it and inject the latest zwave drivers.
    You can add aeotec unsecure , secure mode will hang somewhere in the middle.

    but i see secure mode causing trouble with all brands on zwave.
    Guess they will do a zwave secure mode rewrite soon  :D
  • just had robin from athom on slack, they are aware of the timeout when rceiving the command classes . there looking for the bug at the moment. When you add the device non secure it should go better
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    howvdo you add devices non secure? i mean the fibaro motion sensors pair secure by default?
  • @mruiter thanks. I just had contact with support, they didn't have a clue haha. But how do you add a device non-secure?
  • I do have a clue, but this was not confirmed at the time i replied to your support ticket ;)
  • I do have a clue, but this was not confirmed at the time i replied to your support ticket ;)
    Roger :). Looking forward to the next few updates.
  • Did you get yours working Elco?
  • I believe it works, the smart switch and dimmer do.
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