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Philips Hue Tap

Is there a way to get the Hue Tap working as a universal remote?


  • HellHoundHellHound Member
    edited August 2016
    Hi Tim,

    Philips Hue uses the ZigBee wireless protocol for bridges and Taps, since the ZigBee driver/chip/software is currently not activated on Homey, you won't be able to use it as a remote via Homey, however this is not a guarantee it'll work eventually. I'm not sure if Homey will be able to use the ZigBee messages in combination with the Hue bridge. My guess is that Homey will need to be a replacement for the Hue bridge, but this removes all the ability to use any of the Philips Hue apps.

    Another option is the Philips Hue API, which allows Homey to talk directly to the Hue bridge, like it does with the Homey Hue App. However, this API does currently not allow to trigger remote URLs on events. Only URLs local to the bridge, e.g. when button 1 pressed, turn on light 1, or scene 1, etc. All local to the Hue bridge.

    The only way to implement this in the current state, is to continuously poll the state of the sensor (Hue Tap) every X seconds, and when state changes, trigger a card.
    But the delay will be X seconds after you tap the button, and setting this to 1 second will spam your Hue Bridge

    So, not sure if this is a decent option, but it's doable.
  • Having the homey on the same zll network shouldn't be to hard. if busch-jaeger can do it with wall switches then sure homey would be able to do this. zll isnt like zwave for that matter.
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