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Harmony control homey somfy ?

is it possible to use a logitech harmony to control homey ?

i want to control my somfy blinds but harmony dosnt support it, i red that homy dos.
So i want to use my harmony to send a command to hommy to control my somft blinds


  • Isn't that a bit the other way around? You will be able to use voice or the Homey-app to control your blinds.
    But still, if this request would mean that support for Harmony is incorporated, I support your request :-P

  • Doe you use RTS or IO homecontrol?

  • :) yeah its the other way around
    the wife uses the blinds alot, the same idea as switching from tv channels. Always 2 remotes 1 harmony and one somfy.
    imo a remote works better for that, then to use homey.

    just placed a pre order, hope to get it working somehow :)

  • gvanrekum said:
    Doe you use RTS or IO homecontrol?


  • RTS is using 433MHz, that and the RTS protocol will be fully supported by homey.

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