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Timer App

Is there an app for Homey that makes it able to set a timer?

I once watched a video on Amazon's Alexa, where you can speak to "set a timer for 1 minute".
I made a flow myself, but I think it can be better.. 

P.s.: If not, is there a quick way to duplicate flows?


  • Did u try the countdown app?
    Should work for this me guess.
  • There is a timer function build in! just try yo say set timer 
  • BumbleBumble Member
    Doesn't respond.. My Homey is in Dutch.. Firmware is the latest stable. 
  • mmmmhhh wekker?
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  • pocpoc Member
    I would like some more documentation about the build in functions , as well as the builtin commands homey will respond to.Documentation about the different card and the way you can use these cards is very scars.
  • BumbleBumble Member
    Me too, is there any documentation?
    Think there is much more that is build in.. 
  • I thought it was possible to let Homey place an agenda item and reminder.. Do I need an app for that?
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