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KaKu 1.1.4 device problems



  • FrankMFrankM Member
    Here my blind switches work but my socket switches don't, even after re-adding them, though I can control them from the test window after adding them. From the device list the control window opens but no reaction from the switches. KAKU App also crashed and had to restart it. Also no devices in my App (v2.2 b48), related?
  • I'm on 32, kaku 1.1.4, my sockets are unresponsive as well sinds a few days.
  • Athom are very busy getting a fix ready, hopefully today.
  • BasPostBasPost Member
    edited June 2016
    Kaku app 1.1.5 is just released and fixed my problems! Thanks @Athom
  • Fixed also my problems! Thanks for the quick response @Athom ;
  • adjuadju Member
    edited June 2016
    Fixed my problems partially, dimmer is not working. But for now thanks ;

    edit: Kaku Dimmer is working with Homewizard so no hardware problem.
  • Working again  :)
  • cautjecautje Member
    The only thing i have with kaku is in the morning they seem to sleep.
    I have to push the switsh a few time before it works, ather that they are ok.
  • edited June 2016
    I've version .32 incl KAKU 1.1.6 but have still the same issue. KAKU sockets are not responding....

    Hopefully Athom will also fix this for the previous Homey versions.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I've had the same problems after my 6th reboot suddenly everything started to work :)
  • btwvince said:
    I've had the same problems after my 6th reboot suddenly everything started to work :)
    Thanks, issue was solved after a lot of reboots!
  • @Athom Everything works but my Night Sensor worked 1 time and after that is keeps saying Night Alarm On. I've re-added it multiple times and reinstalled the app aswell but no luck  :(
    Is this a know issue?
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