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Nuki doorlock



  • jordenjorden Member
    I don't think it is really that loud, watching your video. Well, I won't scratch it off the list yet then :) Just waiting until the Invited app is done.
  • Well, I don't have the knowledge or abilities to make an app for Homey, but if anyone does, Nuki released their API:
  • FranqFranq Member
    edited June 2016
    I like the looks of invited. But it's a pitty that it comes with its own cilinder. Is there no work around? (A)
  • jordenjorden Member
    Got into the API today. Not sure if it works, but I made an app:

    I just placed my order for a Nuki minutes ago so I won't be able to test the app until first week of august...
  • jorden said:
    Got into the API today. Not sure if it works, but I made an app:

    I just placed my order for a Nuki minutes ago so I won't be able to test the app until first week of august...
    Thanks for that!!! With the previous two week pushback, I should get mine around CW30, first thing I'll do after setting it up is testing your app!

  • I just received mine, including the bridge. In a few hours I will install it and check to see if the app I created, works :)
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited October 2016
    i would buy this doorlock when it wouldn't be so expensive ;-(
    but i am interested in your expierence with this doorlock! so please tell us then :-)
  • I received mine about a week ago, and it's good so far. I have the lock, bridge and BT FOB. If I can do any testing or anything to help, i'd be more then glad to participate.
  • I'm curious about what your experiences are with Nuki as it seems one of the better options out there (if you don't feel like changing all the cilinders).

    Keep us updated!
  • I actually did replace my cilinders, a few weeks ago already. With these kinds of locks it's smart to have a "senior cilinder" or "hotel cilinder", which means you can still open the lock even if there is a key inserted on the inside.

    Since Nuki always has a key inserted, this means you can only open the lock using Nuki and no longer with a key, if you don't have a senior cilinder.
    So the "safe" way to not get locked outside, is to test if you can turn your key if there is a key on the other side.

    Anyways, I'm really looking forward to using it!
  • So here are my experiences so far:
    The installation is really simple. You have an A and B part, where the A part is meant for locks that stick out 3mm or more. Just keep the A part to the "keyhole part" and try if you can tighten the screws. If you can't, it's probably less than 3mm and you have to use part B, which is even easier. Just remove the plastic and stick it to the lock.
    Then insert the key, place the big part of Nuki on it, it will click in place.
    Next you pair the lock to your phone, and afterwards to the bridge (which has to be real close to the lock, 5 meter if there are no objects in between. I placed mine on 2.5 meters with a wall in between and it works well). A tip from my side; the app isn't so clear about the bridge pairing part, but the website of Nuki explains it correctly. What went wrong when I did it, is that I expected the bridge to appear in the app in the menu "Manage Bridge".... but that is only meant for pairing it seems. The website explains how you can see that it is paired, inside the app.

    I am fully satisfied with the lock so far, very easy to setup and locking/unlocking works very smoothly. The bridge I'm not completely satisfied with yet, but that is mostly due to the setup method which isn't fully clear in the app (and I don't like to read manuals). It was also unreachable for a while but I think I should blame my internet provider, they had a service disruption last night. I suspect that it will work well from now on.

    Anyways, next thing I did was try to see if my Homey app worked. It didn't at first but I fixed it and now it works. There is still a bug in it which makes the app crash after the first pairing, but after a restart it works well. So I'll go and fix that bug tonight.
    I also still have to test the "condition" card, but I expect that works well.

    Now, I'm very curious to see if Nuki will lock up automaticly when I leave the house. I'll post about that :) and next thing is that I want to see if it can unlock automaticly when I am near - whether that happens from the app ("unlock" because I am near with Bluetooth on and inside the GPS fence area) or from Homey (not sure yet how I'll do that since presence detection is not 100% yet).
    Last thing, I have a door with a "knob" on the outside, not a handle, so I want it to "unlatch" when I am near. Not sure if that is supported yet.
  • @Jorden thanks for the nice review for now. I'm also looking for a automatic lock, but for now i'm not sure (just a feeling) if automatic locks really reliable for opening a lock... Maybe the mechanism going be stock sometimes in the product, or the batteries are empty, etc.. everything can happens with this kind of products.. But your idea with "senior cilinder" or "hotel cilinder" is a good idea.  :)  
  • Yeah, I was kinda hesitant about that as well. But with the backup solution ("senior cilinder"),  it's a little more expensive, but it's really nice to have a backup option to use a key as well.

    I must say it's a really cool feeling to unlock the door with an app on your smartphone, or one on your smartwatch (Nuki has a smartwatch app for Android Wear and AppleWatch), or to unlock using Homey was even cooler!
  • I hope somebody can say what is better with nuki, because my Danalock sucks so many. Shit App and the lock is now RIP. 
  • Good points Jorden, thanks for the experiences so far.. Judging the positive vibe I'll maybe order a Nuki next month! :wink: 
  • I have to agree with @jorden on every point. I too have had a bit of trouble pairing the bridge at first, I was successful on the second try. But that's more about the instructions. Installing the lock itself was a 2 minute job that went super smoothly, they really did a great job. So far I have it on my to do list to get the 'emergency cylinder' AKA senior cylinder, although for security reasons Nuki says that you have to have it. I got locked out once for about 20 minutes because I couldn't use the key and the app somehow froze. 

    What I have noticed is that even with my phone out and the app in the background, most of the time I unlock the command goes through the bridge over the internet, and opens faster compared to only bluetooth from my phone (direct connection). 

    The app has an 'experimental feature' which is the auto unlock. Just like Jorden, I also have a knob from the outside, meaning i don't really lock the door, just close it. I've noticed that this auto unlock (auto unhinge) feature works only when I have my phone unlocked and the app open, and as soon as I connect to my WiFi, it opens the door without me pressing anything. It's pretty cool, and very useful when I have hands full. Although I do sometimes worry if with this feature on, I could drive by my house and without realizing it open the door. 

    Only thing I wonder about it what will happen when the batteries start dying; I haven't read anything on the Nuki FAQ about this but I really hope that I will get a notification to switch out the batteries, rather than one day it just dying. 

    All in all, I have to say I am satisfied. It's my first smartlock, and it really took me weeks of research before I chose Nuki. It fit my needs and as of now, even in the early stages, there are of course some kinks to work out, but I'm sure with due time these will be ironed out. 

    Oh, and of course, opening or locking my door from my Watch is just a showoff move, but it totally works!
  • jordenjorden Member
    edited October 2016
    You should get a warning in the app when battery reaches 20%, and the LED on Nuki will flash 3 times every 5 seconds.

    Besides that, I have also made something in the Nuki app for Homey that can be a trigger when the battery reaches critical level ;)

    About the Watch... I will have to wait a few weeks before my Apple Watch arrives, but it's total geeky cool in the way that I like it ;)
  • Oh cool, must have missed that! Then again, I assume that would be a feature that would really make it a bad product if it was missing. Good to know that your app can read that too!! 

    The Watch app is super simple. Open it and you have your door (and the position of the lock), force touch on it to bring up the four options. Useful and also #Swag :D

  • Very nice!

    I have just submitted the Nuki app to the app store for approval. Fixed everything that I wanted, works very well for a first version (thanks to Nuki that created a very easy to use API interface).
    Athom has some "by default" added functionality (like an action card that locks, one that unlocks, and a condition card "a lock is locked") if I use the "lock" class, which I did. This means that the condition cards are double, for now. 
    There is a bug in the condition card ( that Athom creates. In the next version I might remove my own created version if this bug is solved.

    By the way, I just came home for the first time after installing this app. I did not need to change anything, just had to wait for 2 seconds and then I heard the lock opening. I could just push open the door afterwards. Good job Nuki!  <3
  • Thanks Jorden! Can't wait to try it out, and send my feedback! Seriously, thank you for this!
  • Jorden, could you also say something about the noise level when Nuki operates? I read the comments in the kickstarter forum and it seems this part can still be improved. The price has gone up but I am still willing to give Nuki a try if it is not too noisy. 

    Also, how well does your girlfriend/wife accept Nuki?  :#
  • dtan_98 said:
    Jorden, could you also say something about the noise level when Nuki operates? I read the comments in the kickstarter forum and it seems this part can still be improved. The price has gone up but I am still willing to give Nuki a try if it is not too noisy. 

    Also, how well does your girlfriend/wife accept Nuki?  :#
    I can tell you that at first I was slightly negatively surprised about the noise level. It is a bit loud, but I don't have anything to compare it with... It does make a strange extra click, not sure why (might just be my door). It does scare our cat, but I'm sure she and we will get used to it. The fiancé was a bit skeptical at first but now two weeks in she has accepted Nuki. She has to use the FOB, because she has an old phone with not enough storage.
  • I'm actually not surprised. It makes some noise, but all within acceptable levels. I don't have the 'click' that @tommyjay ;is talking about.
    Still have some problems with the gf, her phone does not unlock the door automaticly in the way that she can pull it open... so she still has to use the key. But I think I'll have to compare the settings in the app, however today is my birthday so I doubt I'll have time today. Perhaps the problem is that she didn't make a Bluetooth connection before I invited her in the app. So the lock does not see her Bluetooth presence. 

    The way it auto locks if you press the button on the lock twice before leaving, makes her already accept it. Now I just know it won't take long until she starts liking it ;)
  • Did some more work on the app, and I think I have made working triggers on lock/unlock now (first version that is up for approval, does not have that).
    Will have to test soon if it works, but since it's my birthday today, I don't think I can test before wednesday, so that will be a small delay :)
  • @jorden happy birthday  :) and thanks for the app
  • @jorden Congratulationss.!

  • Happy Birthday @jorden ;
  • Thanks guys!
  • The app is now published!

    It provides the following cards:

    • [CONDITION] Is (not) locked
    • [ACTION] Lock
    • [ACTION] Unlock
    • [ACTION] Set state: Locked, Unlocked, Unlatch, Lock 'n go, Lock 'n go with unlatch
    • [TRIGGER] Smartlock got locked (NOT WORKING YET)
    • [TRIGGER] Smartlock got unlocked (NOT WORKING YET)
    • [TRIGGER] Battery is critical
    Please note that I am working on a new version where both the triggers do work, so that's where the real fun kicks in. I will poll the bridge every 30 seconds to see changes, if it changes you can use that to influence the home/away state so this is kind of a presence detection possibility.... 
    Imagine turning off the lights, setting your thermostat lower, etc once the Nuki gets locked. And reverse that when it gets unlocked.

    It will take a few days before I will have this working!
  • Great going! Really starting to itch to buy one.. :smiley: 
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