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Homey (Possible IFTTT) repeats itself


Did anyone encounter that Homey repeats itself? e.g. it says "Welcome Home" 4 times in a row without a pause in between.
I suspect it is the IFTTT channel, but am not able to see where or what.
I'm open to any troubleshooting tips.



  • Yeah, unfortunately, IFTTT is known to be unreliable at times.
  • During development of the IFTTT app I came across this issue a couple of times as well, IFTTT seems to trigger multiple times randomly..
  • Thank you, so just ignore this :smile: 

  • I experience this behavior as well, but IFTTT fired only once the recipe (according to the notification in IFTTT) also the recipe shows the correct time it should have run. That's odd...
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