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[Solved] Solar Panels - Goodwe

leenmol1leenmol1 Member
edited June 14 in Developers
I have problems with the Station ID in the app foor GoodWe.
I filled in "StationID":"xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx"
Then connect and it respoce with stion ID not correct.
Doe anybody did it succesfully?


  • BramBram Administrator, Athom
    Which app are you referring to?
  • leenmol1leenmol1 Member
    Solar Panels
  • leenmol1leenmol1 Member
    Also not working:


  • JaxcJaxc Moderator, Backer - Super Early Bird
    edited June 11
    what version are u using??
    (app version??)

  • leenmol1leenmol1 Member
    Solar panels 1.4.3
  • JaxcJaxc Moderator, Backer - Super Early Bird
    I think you should switch to the beta 2.3.1
  • leenmol1leenmol1 Member
    Thanks it is working
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