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Any good?

harrybharryb Member
I have been playing 3 days now with my new homey.
Would I recommend the device to any friends? : NO !!
I have kaku ADC-100 switches - dont work
Smartalarm - doesnt work
Toon - cant login
voice recognition - sucks
buienradar - works 1 out of 10 tries

Up until now im not pleased with it.
Could someone tell me some succes-stories to boost my confidence :(


  • WRosWRos Member
    I think you could better ask for help. Which type of kaku you're using?
    What does not work? Could you add a device?
  • harrybharryb Member
    WRos said:
    I think you could better ask for help. Which type of kaku you're using?
    What does not work? Could you add a device?
    Yes, the ACD-1000.
    I tried adding it trough the copy from remote function, and homey recognizes the incoming signal from the remote.
    When you have to test the device it doenst go on or off.
    When i tried to add it and let homey generate the signal for the receiver, it doenst recieve the signal.
    It seems that sending signals is a problem for Homey.
    I tried 3 different receivers.
  • ZperXZperX Member
    Yes there are success stories like this:

    It is quite indecent to post something like this when users don`t stop complaining about it and they lost one of the speech to text engine.
  • NattelipNattelip Backer - Geek Edition
    it is a political statement, just like the invasion of irak by the us , the minister of defense tells to cnn on tv the vs isn't winning but you can see te vs tanks rolling behind him. my homey speech recognition sucks also (english). but the oldfashion domotica part of homey works well. i dont use music on my homey dont see the advantage of that above my laptop.

  • swtttswttt Moderator
    Toon and Buienradar issues are there for a while already and have to do with their api problems and not homey...
    I have to agree on the speech part tho, but if you automate everything well enough you dont even need speech :)
    Can't help you with the kaku and smartalarm issues tho, but i do know that kaku is working good for most people since the last few updates. Nevertheless it still seems better to use go zigbee or z-wave for the future if you ask me...
  • bvdbosbvdbos Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition
    edited May 5
    KaKu (especially ACD-1000) has a problem which appeared with the update yesterday (see messages of the forum, slack and/or github) but normally works good. I hoped the people of Athom would fix it today but I guess they are free today so probably monday...  Meanwhile you could try:

    Toon-api sucks, that's a known fact...

    I thought buienradar worked but apparantly also api-issues? Let's investigate...

     Smartalarm: I didn't hear complaints before... Could you file an issue at https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues ?

    As for speech: Like @ZperX says: For some users (me included) it works great and for some it doesn't work at all...

  • jordenjorden Member
    Buienradar here works okay. Every time I see the first small rain drops, Homey tells me "It is starting to rain in 5 minutes" (which I added as a flow). That's good enough for me!
  • rtnartna Member
    Buienradar works perfectly over here also. 
  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Moderator, Backer - Geek Edition, Homey Ambassador
    For KAKU there was a problem due to an update last days, KAKU App v3.1.0  on Homey 1.2.2 gave much problems. This should be fixed as they reverted a part of the update in 3.1.1 
    Maybe you had the luck to meet that bug ;-) 
  • harrybharryb Member
    Thnx for the feedback.
    I got Buienradar working now (i think, didnt rain yet ;) )
    Still having issues with the ACD-1000, eventough i got the latest update which reverted back
  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Moderator
    Did u try to remove the device, reset it by holding the button for like 10 seconds until the led starts blinking and then hit it 1 more time, and then re-add the device to Homey?
  • harrybharryb Member
    Did u try to remove the device, reset it by holding the button for like 10 seconds until the led starts blinking and then hit it 1 more time, and then re-add the device to Homey?
    Yes, cleared the device also :(
  • JoeRasnickJoeRasnick Member
    edited August 7
    My life became simpler with Homey! I needed time to set up and tried this hub, but now I highly appreciate and can recommended it. Homey works properly and smoothly
    edit moderator: link removed
  • I recognize myself in the comments. At least in the beginning I had Homey. We are now a few months later, and Homey just works well. My home is automated for a large part and everything runs smoothly. You just have to work with Homey and you know it's a computer. Initially, I was also fixed on speech recognition. And indeed that did not work optimally. But Homey is not a person you can only talk to. He responds to certain words. It is a bit of figuring out which words are well understood and which ones do not. I also own a lot of KAKU switches and they do it all right when I assign a command. And yes, some apps do not always work 100%, but an email to the designer or Athom will always deliver positive results. My Homey has been running for weeks without problems. All created streams work excellent, and voice commands are performed without any problems, all in Dutch. The big advantage over competing devices that are exclusively English-speaking. And believe me, those other devices sometimes also run out of voice control. The new software (version 1.3) already made a lot of improvement and the next version will work even better, I'm sure. The great advantage of Homey is that it will support all protocols, although other devices limit themselves to some (Wi-Fi, Z-wave, Bluetooth). Homey seemed to me a big disappointment, but is now a very big help. My advice is, there are apps that are not working properly, contact the developer. Do you have questions about certain devices and whether setting up a flow, seek help in this forum.
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